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The Kardashians’ most unforgettable TV moments

The Kardashians’ most unforgettable TV moments



Ah, the Kardashians. Our favourite TV family. We love watching them, we love laughing along with them, and yes, we’ll admit, we sometimes love laughing at them too. Like anyone, they’ve got their ups and downs, and we’re cool with that. It’s their honest humanity that makes their show so great, after all.

As Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian comes available to watch on hayu, we thought we’d round up the very best of the most unforgettable moments from TV’s first family.”

The Vampire Facial

We never quite recovered from the sight of Kim Kardashian’s face drenched in blood. Have you? Kim takes her dedication to beauty to a whole new level when she tries out this, ahem, unusual facial. It involves drawing blood out of her arm and re-injecting it via small needles all over her face. Eeek! It’s no wonder that poor Kim ends up writhing in pain. And her face just after the procedure looks, well, rather terrifying.

The bottom X-Ray

Sometimes, there’s only one way to put a stop to rumours - taking matters into your own hands. When word surfaces that Kim’s bottom may not be entirely natural, she unflinchingly seeks proof to put the matter to rest. The above-mentioned body part was X-rayed in a top-notch clinic, and Kim released the image for all the world to see.  Result: not a trace of surgical intervention. Phew!

Kourtney falls into the toilet

Warning! This is one that’ll make your stomach queasy. We all have really, really, bad days. Kourtney’s definitely takes a turn for the worse when she falls into her toilet. Her boyfriend Scott had forgotten to put the seat down, thus leading to the unfortunate accident. And as if this wasn’t gross enough, the loo hadn’t been flushed. So she emerges covered in pee. Which she then proceeds to wipe on Scott’s face. Ewww.

The Giraffe

Like everything else in life, the Kardashians do pets a little… differently. The family takes an instant liking to inflatable giraffe Henry. Watch them here dance around with him. Aw, so cute.

Scott gets a random British title

Scott Disick felt like he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved. The obvious solution? Fly off to England to get knighted as a Lord (or, as he puts it, “become royalty” – we’re pretty sure the Queen would have something to say about that). The ceremony, which takes place in what looks a lot like a pub, is entirely wince-worthy, from the cheesy ermine cape to Scott’s struggle to repeat the words of his oath.

Those, awful, awful burps

Kim and her first husband Kris Humphries have had their share of awwworthy moments. This, when the two burp in each others’ mouths, is decidedly not one of them. We’re not really sure about what’s going on. Was it an inside joke? Perhaps they were trying to innovate in the kissing department? Anyhow, it absolutely succeeded in grossing us out

That very, very, very short marriage

We’d happily bet that this is one that Kim would also really rather forget. After extensive coverage of her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries (the wedding was shown as a two-episode special) Kim filed for divorce only 72 days later. Ouch. It made for great, dramatic TV, but Kim hasn’t heard the end of it since. Family and chat show hosts alike love reminding her of her remarkably brief marriage. So much so that we feel a little bit sorry for her. At least she found her happily ever after with Kanye.

The lost earring

It started off rather innocently. While on a trip to Bora Bora, Kris throws his then-wife Kim into the ocean as a joke. But Kim utterly panics when she notices that she’s just lost one of her $75,000 earrings in the water. Her major freak-out, though painful/entertaining to watch, seems fair enough (it is, after all, really a lot of money)...  but what really makes the moment is Kourtney’s attempt to put things into perspective: “Kim, there are people that are dying”.

When we found out Kim’s biggest fear

We all have irrational fears, and sometimes it’s a real comfort to find out about other people’s. In this case, we discovered that Kim’s “biggest fear of life” is… pregnancy stretch marks. Or so she exclaims, when noticing them on her sister Kourtney. Hang in there, Kim. They’re probably not as bad as you think.

Kris’ Mexican heritage

While chatting over dinner, Kris Jenner kindly offers to teach some Spanish words to Scott. She has, after all, Mexican heritage - or so she says. Scott is surprised, and asks her whether she’s Mexican. Kris replies that no… but that she’s been there. An honest mistake to make, really.

What’s North’s middle name?

When Kim named her daughter North (making her full name North West) we all flinched, just a tiny bit. And it seems that not everyone in the Kardashian family was on board with the name choice. When asked in a Q&A game what her grand-daughter’s middle name is, Kris Jenner shouts “South!”. Cheesiest joke ever. Or at least, we hope she was joking (and knows that her grandchild actually doesn’t have a middle name).

Your sister’s going to jail

Is there a more Kardashian moment than this one? As the family is driving Khloé to jail, Kim is taking selfies in the backseat. Their mum quite rightly tells her off. 

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