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Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



From outrageous political speeches to one very depressed football pundit, here are some of our standout highlights of the week.





And now the news…

You know when you’re bored and browsing your phone? Probably best not to do that when you’re due to go live on air as one of the nation’s best known newsreaders…

Gloat of the Week

So having won Brexit, Nigel Farage was obviously going to give a sensitive, diplomatic, tactful speech to his EU colleagues, right? Right…

Good taunting Britain

How to really rile consumer affairs champion Martin Lewis? Taunt him about his command of percentages. Preferably on live telly.


Are we really living in a world in which a woman going on telly with a bit of lipstick on her teeth is cause for a Twitter furore? Why yes, yes we are. Here is the offending woman in question, Ms Jodie Marsh. For shame, Jodie. For shame.

Sporting gaffe of the decade

Expert punditry is great, isn’t it? Consider Steve McClaren, who was “sportsplaining” why the England players were reacting perfectly to their risky 1-1 situation against Iceland. Until they suddenly weren’t.

English! Do you speak it?

Lisa is a Texan lady who had surgery on her jaw and then, according to sensational headlines, woke up with an English accent. Except that Brits begged to differ when she gave an interview with Phil and Holly. Some said it sounded South African, others said Australian. Or perhaps, as one tweet put it, “This woman’s accent is hella mixed up!”

Awkward magic trick of the week

That moment when you’re thinking “Oh god it’s not working, the trick isn’t working, oh god it’s live telly and it’s really awkward, and it’s not working, I can’t bear this.” And then it works.

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