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Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



TV had us blubbing for all sorts of reasons this week. But likely there was talk of Rylan’s pubic hair to cheer us up too…





Best reaction to sniper attack

BBC’s staggering documentary Exodus was a tear-jerking epic about the experiences of refugees. But one lighter moment – if you can call it that – was how this chap reacted to being shot at by a sniper. Behold, the least fazed man in the history of the world…

Rylan gets portered

Rylan Clark + Janet Street-Porter = a massively inappropriate topic of conversation on Loose Women. And now we can’t get certain images out of our mind.

Cloudy with a chance of marshmallow men

Not since the heyday of Michael Fish have weather forecasts been this brilliant. Try to count the number of Ghostbusters puns, if you dare…

Best reach for the hankies moment 

For most of us, meeting up with siblings is a cause for minor annoyance, at best. But here’s ITV’s Long Lost Family to make us re-appreciate the benefits of having actual relatives in our lives. Bless. 

Woman has breakdown on television

Who you gonna call? Not Yvette Fielding, that’s for flippin’ sure…

Magical Bones (literally)

You know what’s better than a card trick? A card trick with a backflip in the middle of it. Magical Bones shows us how it’s done.

Heartstopping sequence of the week

Finally, back to BBC’s Exodus, and the extended sequence which put us right there on the over-filled refugee dinghy bobbing on the sea, at constant risk of catastrophe. The most nerve-jangling TV moment of the week ensued.

Exodus: Our Journey To Europe is available for catch up in BBC iPlayer

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