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Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



TV had us blubbing, baffled and a little mind-boggled this week. Read on for our standout telly highlights…





Best twist of the week

Even Phil was dead sure Ben had been whacked in EastEnders this week. His reaction upon discovering his boy wasn’t actually the one lying on a mortuary slab was priceless.

Child wees on This Morning’s rug 

Parents Adele and Matt didn’t even bat an eyelid as their precious little one-year-old wandered off and relieved itself on the studio floor in front of a bemused looking Ruth and Eamon.  This is “off-grid” parenting, we were told. The nation took to Twitter in outrage, with some even calling it “feral”. 

More extreme parenting 

This time it was goats. Goats who took their kids up the spine-tingling sheer wall of a great big flippen’ dam. 

Kylie meets her maker

OK, so we might have known it was coming, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for such a violent end to Kylie’s chavtastic life. Equally as shocking was the fact this stabby action happened BEFORE the watershed. Tut, tut ITV. 

Most over-excited man on telly this week

So chuffed/surprised/delighted was Pete that he actually knew an answer on this week’s The Chase, he blurted it out for The Sinnerman to hear. His big blunder cost him a whopping £22,000 bucks. 

Best grumpy cat ever 

Chirpy weather girl Carol Kirkwood meets Grumpy Cat. Nuff said.

Robot Wars’ Kill-A-Lot is good at destroying priceless things 

But The One Show’s Matt does NOT find it funny. Not in the slightest. You gotta love live telly. 

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