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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



From absolute filth on Countryfile to literally the worst tattoo we’ve ever seen, this week provided a bounty of beautiful TV moments. Take a look at this lot.




Countryfile gets exciting

So a female Countryfile presenter got stuck into a bit of rural wrestling with a female member of the public, and Twitter went all Sid James about it. “Now yer talking #Countryfile,” one person drooled. “#Countryfile oooh yeah, girly wrestling,” opined another. What would Craven say?

Juiciest backside of the week

Naked Attraction – described as “like Blind Date in a brothel” – caused a firestorm of complaints this week. But how could anyone hate on a show featuring this absolute marvel of an exchange? 

Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

The Tattoo Fixers thought they had seen it all. Then they met the man with the Fiat Punto tattoo on his arm

Eamonn Holmes Owns It

When did Eamonn Holmes become such a swaggering gangsta? Here’s just the latest bit of evidence. After he hung up, we have expected a pair of pixelated shades to float onto his face…

Unimpressed animal of the week

So the world’s largest dog met Britain’s smallest dog, and the look on his face was all like, “What is this ridiculous little mutt you bring before me?”

Angry fallout of the week

On a very serious note, the world’s media descended on Normandy after the terrible attack in a church this week. And this ITV reporter found herself accidentally caught right in the middle of the angry fallout…

This cannot be real (but it is)

This may seem like some kind of media parody, a la Brasseye or The Day Today or Alan Partridge. But it isn’t. This Sky reporter really did do this in a real news report. Watch and marvel. 

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