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Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week,Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



Naughty graffiti! Chaos on Big Brother! A really ugly dog! It’s been quite the week in tellybox-land…





Best graffiti of the century

This week on the Tour de France this happened, and the world was immediately a better place.

The world’s ugliest dog

Anyone can have a cute dog, but real pride comes from owning the official ugliest dog in the world. Take a bow SweePee Rambo, who looks like Ren from Ren and Stimpy after a particularly heavy night out…

Ken Clarke slags off everyone

OK, we don’t actually know if Ken Clarke was actually drunk here. But the Tory big beast certainly looked rather merry as he delivered a good kicking to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and others in this backstage Sky News chin-wag with a fellow Conservative bigwig. Apparently they “didn’t know” they were being filmed. Hmm…

Meanwhile, people said “Emma” a lot in Big Brother

What was her name again? We didn’t quite catch that.

Susannah Reid speaks for the nation(s)

You didn’t have to be Welsh to be mighty saddened at their defeat in the Euros. Luckily, Susannah Reid was here to articulate our pain and anguish.

Real life Frank Underwood denies being real life Frank Underwood

After Michael Gove knifed Boris Johnson in the back (not literally), there was just one question on everyone’s lips...

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