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When animals rebel in real life

When animals rebel in real life



Most of the time, animals are happy to play along with our whims and fancies. Though deep down, underneath all of that cuteness, we’re always worrying that they’re readying themselves for a great rebellion (aren’t you?).

Our furry friends indeed rise up in the TV series Zoo, deciding that enough is enough and making a coordinated attack on humans. Can we figure out why, and manage to stop them before they eat/scratch us all to oblivion? With the second season of Zoo roaring onto our TVs (available to watch now on Catch Up), here’s a bunch of examples of when animals have attempted to show us up in real life:

Filing a complaint

This kitchen (for some reason) is not up to standards, and this Cockatoo isn’t going to back down until it gets sorted.

My turn

Just remember: This is what happens if you hog the sled.

The Great Fury

That cat needs to get taken out of there, very, very, slowly. Though maybe he’s this angry because someone named him Burger.

Stop staring at me

This guy really isn’t getting the hint. Seriously. Stop.

When they don’t want to be bothered by documentary types

Things are bound to get a little spit-ful when humans don’t listen.

When a birthday pancake is not up to standards

Probably best to never serve this guy a sub-par dessert again.

Definitely having pizza

We snooze, we lose.

The slap

Okay, we’ll think twice about taking out the boat next time.

What to do with a stolen camera

These guys investigate what this selfie business is all about, and they’re not impressed.

Getting hungry on the job

This photo-shoot doesn’t exactly go to plan, mainly because one of the models wants to eat the other.

This puppy embarrasses its owner

Why miss an opportunity to ruin a day at the beach? 

The evil cat-lord

It’s always been obvious that cats were supervillains, but we’ve now found definitive proof. Robot vacuums, how could you betray us so?

When these dogs had a pool party

Clearly, we’re not the only ones who need a holiday.

This sea lion wanted a snack

And she’s thinking: thanks for getting me take-out, silly human.

This dog decides to Robin Hood it up

Stealing from the rich, giving to the poor-dle. (Sorry).

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