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6 Disney CGI/cartoon characters we find weirdly attractive

6 Disney CGI/cartoon characters we find weirdly attractive



Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, we’ve all suffered from IWDC at one time or another.

‘IWDC’, better known as ‘Involuntary Weird Disney Crush’, is a bizarre and entirely unpredictable affliction. One second you’re happily watching a shiny, colourful new animated movie, the next your brain is fighting with itself to diffuse all those funny feelings you try so desperately to ignore.

So apologies and congratulations in advance - for every entry on this list, that terrifies you you’re bound to find another that justifies one of your weirder guilty secrets.

1. Robin Hood - Robin Hood

Robin Hood is one of cinema’s most reliably fanciable of characters. He’s gallant (what with that whole robbing the rich schtick), he’s charming, he’s talented (archery skills FTW), and he’s supremely confident. Disney’s animated classic may have thrown in the mild curveball that he’s, well, a fox. But then, when you really innuendo think of it, could have been any other option? FOXY.

It’s a crush of such bizarre import that there have been entire features written on it. We’re as terrified as we are intrigued

2. Ariel - The Little Mermaid

Sassy, determined and with anime eyes bigger than the moon, Ariel’s the ultimate empowered girl next door. Not only that, but she’s a redhead, AND she can warble a tune or two. Sure, she’s half fish, but we’re all about personality here at Virgin Movies. Brave, modest and with an eyelash flutter that could floor a sea-witch a thousand waves away.

To be honest, we’re on board with all of those mermaid/man genes. *fans self at thought of King Titon*

What a tall drink of water

What a tall drink of water

3. Lady AND Tramp - Lady and the Tramp

Opposites attract. Not only does that phwoar-polarity lead two adorable animals into one of Disney’s most romantic relationships ever put to celluloid, but it means that no matter your leaning, you’ll likely end up fancying Lady or Tramp.

He’s chilled out, rough around the edges, and a total (flirty) gentleman. She’s refined, romantic and a total, well, lady. AND they both love carbs. Table for three please.

4. Thomas O’Malley - The Aristocats

Disney’s punniest movie of all time isn’t an immediate winner for that (or its cats) alone. Leading ma… cat Thomas O’Malley is charm anthropomorphised, can croon as smooth as he can dance, and is maddeningly smooth on his paws.

When the alley cat serenades Duchess, don’t deny you didn’t imagine him singing it to you too.

5. The Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Sure, his face isn’t the prettiest, but we’re not ones to focus on looks. Plus, look at that ridiculously hench body. Hummana hummana. To be perfectly honest, we rather prefer his beastly look to the Mills & Boon fop we get when he transforms back into his human form. Does that make us weird? Probably.

But it’s still more acceptable than fancying Gaston, who may suggest ‘bad boy’ but screams ‘egotistical nightmare’ instead. The fact that Dan Stevens is playing Mr Beast in the forthcoming live action remake is pretty ideal casting - those baby blues will shine through any motion capture/prosthetics they slap on.

Who’s playing who in Beauty & The Beast?

Hire the brilliant, chameleonic Andy Serkis to bring the part-dog, part-koala alien to motion capture life, and star Wallis as the loveable Lilo, and Zoe Kravitz as the fraternal beleaguered older sister, and voila - instant feel-good, sumptuously Hawaiian-shot gold.

6. Any Of The Cats - The Lion King

Really, take your pick. From Nala to Simba, Scar to Mufasa and many more, Disney’s 1994 classic tale of toe-tapping song and dance numbers, instant friendship and horrific fratricide is stock full of big cats who are all far too attractive for their own good.

It’s animation of such a loveable level that we’re even tempted to date Timon and Pumbaa.

7. Carpet – Aladdin


Wait! Come back! We all know Aladdin and Jasmine are two of the most attractively drawn characters in Disney history, but they’re just so predictable. So how about this for a curveball?

Yep, we’d totally date Carpet. He’s LITERALLY MAGIC, happy to help out no matter the situation, loves moonlit walks/carpet rides and is loyal to his friends.

If we’re lumping fictional cartoon animals into the equation, why the chuff can’t we consider a friendly, romantic carpet?