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Interview: Wolf Creek’s John Jarratt

Interview: Wolf Creek’s John Jarratt



Cult horror films of the noughties don’t come much more terrifying than 2005’s Wolf Creek. It was the movie that introduced the world to Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt) – the sadistic Australian hunter who just so happens to also enjoy hunting petrified tourists around the Outback.

Eight years later, Wolf Creek 2 (available to rent now on Virgin Movies) reminded everyone that Taylor was still on the prowl, and now he’s back for more mayhem in a new six-part series based on the successful film franchise, starting on Tuesday at 10pm on Fox. As spin-offs go, this one has more bite than an angry dingo.

This tense, gruesome and extremely gripping psychological drama follows the cat-and-mouse chase between troubled American teenager Eve Thorogood (11.22.63’s Lucy Fry) and the Aussie evil-doer after he turns her family holiday into a blood-splattered nightmare. Can she get the better of the wily killer, or is she in way over her head?

If you’re looking for more reasons to tune in, why not get the lowdown from the baddie himself? We caught up with star John Jarratt to find out why you won’t want to miss it…

1. It’s for horror and thriller fans alike

“Lucy Fry’s character is hunting me all over the Outback – or am I hunting her? The horror fans get their little bag of lollies every time I’m on screen, but when Eve’s centre stage there’s more of a psychological thriller element to it. But I’m always around the corner. It’s a thriller with a horror icing.”


2. Mick Taylor = horrible but awesome

“He’s close to my heart in a perverse kind of way. The thing about Mick is that he’s a horrible man that people can’t help liking. I was brought up in the Outback and my old man was that kind of guy. Take out the psychopath and serial killer elements and that’s him. Someone like a psychopath has so many complexities, so many emotions. There are times we’ve all visualised going over the edge, but you just don’t do it. Mick Taylor does and that’s fun to play.”


3. But it’s not all about Mick

“Lucy Fry is extraordinary. I wasn’t sure about her at first because she’s a very warm, fluffy person but then she totally transformed when the camera started rolling. She has the ability to go somewhere else in an instant. It’s wonderful to watch. Not a lot of actors have that.”


4. It’ll make you want to visit Australia. Sort of.

“We shot it like six little feature films rather than a TV series. It’s brilliantly shot. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing bad about it. The whole package is great, but we worked very hard to make that happen. Australia makes a lot of great telly but we don’t have a huge amount of budget to do it with. We’ve always managed to do that, even going all the way back to a film like Mad Max. That was made for about how much Mel Gibson gets for his lunch money these days.”


5. John Jarratt is fully committed to his role

“I was between acting jobs once and I picked up two Germans in my truck after their car had broken down in the Outback. One of them said to me, ‘Excuse me, you are not the man from Wolf Creek, are you?’ I told them I was and he said, ‘Oh, I think I have made a mistake!’ He looked terrified. I ended up helping them get some petrol. That was pretty hilarious.”

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