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Most satisfying TV revenges of all time

Most satisfying TV revenges of all time



There are lots of epic films, such as Kill Bill and Gladiator, that are about revenge. But what about television’s most enjoyable vengeance stories? If revenge is a dish best served cold, the TV show format has given us the opportunity to watch a character painstakingly plot their enemies’ comeuppance with icy precision and panache. And when payback finally bites (usually episodes and episodes later), it’s all the more grimly gratifying.

We of course don’t condone any of the below (it’s pretty horrid stuff), but it makes for great storytelling. And what better way to honour the arrival of Revenge seasons 1-4 in On Demand (Find it in On Demand > TV > ABC Studios), we give you television’s most satisfying retributions of all time.

Emily Thorne vs Victoria Grayson (Revenge)

Victoria framed Emily’s father for treason and had him condemned to imprisonment for life. Then, for good measure, she got her associates to murder him while he was serving his sentence. Emily spent her youth in a juvenile correctional facility as a result. It’s no wonder that our protagonist has got some serious beef with Victoria. Her elaborate plan involves an identity switch, and lots and lots of glamourous socialising (it’s set in the Hamptons after all).

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Piper Chapman vs Stella Carlin (Orange Is The New Black)

Piper decides to make the best of her prison time by starting an illicit business. Her product: used panties (don’t ask). Despite her naïve outward appearance, she’s not one to be under-estimated, as her girlfriend Stella discovers. After Stella robs Piper of all her funds, the latter accepts her tearful apology.  She then goes on to frame Stella, thus sending her to the max security prison and extending her sentence by the same swoop. Ouch.

Orange Is The New Black is available to watch on Netflix


Lumen Pierce vs Jordan Chase (Dexter)

Our favourite creepy vigilante/serial killer Dexter teams up with Lumen Pierce as she seeks revenge on the men who gang-raped her. The pair don’t kid around; they’ve got their own, methodical, way of killing, and their victims face no chance of escape. Jordan Chase, the group’s despicable leader is the last on their hit list. After his murder, Lumen finally finds peace (but we’re still having nightmares about the whole thing).


Frank Underwood vs President Garrett Walker (House Of Cards)

Having helped Garrett Walker win the US Presidency, Frank Underwood expected to be handsomely rewarded with the job of Secretary of State, as was agreed. When Frank discovers that he’s been passed over for the role, his anger reaches terrible, cold, calculating heights - leading him to plot and scheme his way to the Vice-Presidency, and then the top job itself. Garrett never made a bigger mistake. The best (or the worst) is that he never finds out that Frank is the real source of his downfall.

House Of Cards is available to watch on Netflix


Hakeem Lyon, Andre Lyon and Vernon Turner vs Lucious Lyon (Empire)

When Lucious Lyon discovers that he is dying of ALS, he knows that he must pick one of his three sons to take over his music empire, and quick. When he does eventually choose, the other two are none too happy - and conspire against him. Their plan is to take control of the company via a hostile takeover. Meanwhile, their de-facto uncle Vernon Turner turns Lucious over to the police for murder. No one ever said family was easy.


Jessica Jones vs Kilgrave (Jessica Jones)

Villain Kilgrave can get people to do whatever he wants: any order he gives, people find themselves compelled to do. Years ago, he manipulated Jessica Jones for months on end, ultimately forcing her to kill someone. When he’s back in town, Jessica (now a private detective and reluctant superhero) is determined to put a stop to his evil nonsense. The look on his face when she finally defeats him is absolutely priceless.

Jessica Jones is available to watch on Netflix


Spartacus vs Batiatus (Spartacus: Blood And Sand)

Spartacus is a slave and a gladiator, owned by Batiatus. His master (ugh) forces him to fight for his life in endless battles in the arena. Batiatus also murders Spartacus’ wife (to keep him focused), and makes him kill his best friend, Varys (for fun). Spartacus carefully plots his revenge - which involves freeing himself and all of the gladiators from ownership, and murdering Batiatus himself.


Edie vs Susan (Desperate Housewives)

Edie and Susan never really get along, partly because they’re always fighting over Mike (and Mike keeps losing his memory, among other things, which is why he can’t make up his mind between the two women). When Edie discovers that Susan accidentally set fire to her house (such things happen) she waits for her neighbour to be out - and then spreads petrol all over Susan’s living room. The house is soon in flames. Edie sips wine and watches the spectacle from her window. Our main takeaway from this is that wine is the top revenge tipple of choice.

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