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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



There were freak-outs galore on Big Brother this week. Also, Eamonn Holmes doing a Phil Mitchell impression. Also, cowpat. Lovely.




The Aubrey O’Day Cocktail

There were the usual highbrow hi-jinks on Celebrity Big Brother, as Aubrey O'Day disgusted all of Twitter by spitting into Stephen Bear’s food and drink. Bear himself was gallantly unfussed, saying “I’ve had worse in my mouth.” 

Best “Why am I watching this?” moment of the week

This week on Countryfile: people rummage around in cowpat. Thanks, Countryfile.

Eamonn Mitchell

Has there ever been a better Phil Mitchell impression than this? No.

Best uncontrollable giggles of the week

This week’s forecast: embarrassment.

From “boom!” to “boo hoo!”

Celebrity Big Brother’s Heavy D is genuinely curious to know if Stephen Bear is capable of justifying that. 

Bearing a grudge

And here’s Stephen Bear providing yet more TV value by having a nuclear-strength strop on CBB. Money shot comes at the end when a giant bouncer makes him instantly sheepish…

Best terrifying dolls of the week

Antiques Roadshow’s supposed to be nice, comfy viewing. But this week we saw these Victorian hell-dolls and will now never sleep again.

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