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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



Thanks to television, we now realise students these days are idiots, and sometimes grandmothers sound absolutely filthy…




Best accidental rude noises of the year  

Mild panic overtook the nation this week when they thought they heard actual pornography burst forth from Good Morning Britain. Luckily, it turned out to be totally innocent footage of Olympic swimmer Siobhan-Marie O’Connor’s nan spurring her on. It just HAPPENED to sound like actual pornography, is all.

BBC journalist puts foot in it

You know how sometimes during sports events, the camera will cut to random members of the crowd? Well, it’s now apparently a thing where couples kiss each other if the camera picks them out. This tickled a BBC commentator at the Olympics – tickled him so much, in fact, that he chuckled and casually said something that was kind of maybe a bit casually bigoted, and the BBC literally had to apologise. See if you can tell what bit it is…

Students these days

This week on University Challenge: students who’ve never heard of The Cure or The Clash. SERIOUSLY? CALL YOURSELVES STUDENTS? (We’ll forgive the second chap from the left, because he’s clearly some kind of medieval warlock who doesn’t understand our pop music ways.) 

Linda Robson’s bra

Sometimes television makes us watch Linda Robson getting her bra yanked off for no good reason. Just accept it.

Renee’s ragey rant

Did Renee from Mob Wives ever think Bear was kind of hot? Well she would like the Celebrity Big Brother viewing public to know that she has hereby re-evaluated her position.

Bear annoys literally everyone

Speaking of Mr Bear, the media was full of him this week, as he raised being an annoying prat to the level of fine art. Watch the maestro at work (and try not to headbutt the screen, OK?).

Absolute loveliest moment of the week

As an antidote to all the Big Brother madness, here’s Damian and Kai on First Dates, pouring their hearts out and winning the entire nation over in the process. Ahhhh.

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