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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



This week in TV: we cringed at some Olympic embarrassment, blubbed our eyes out at Emmerdale, and met “Frankenstein dogs”. As you do. 





Most Disappointing Non-Death of the Week

The nation was overjoyed at the prospect of the long, agonising death of a woman this week. But it’s OK: the woman in question was resident EastEnders super-villain Aunt Babe. And also… SHE DIDN’T EVEN ACTUALLY DIE. But just to cheer you up, here’s the moment she got locked in the freezer, to be savoured again and again and again…

Most Emotional Goodbye of the Week

Britain cried its eyes out this week as Andy Sugden, who’s been on the soap since he was a kid, departed Emmerdale forever. Presumably to take a leading role in Mr Robot, if his final look is anything to go by…

Attack of the Clones

Would you spend many thousands of pounds to create two clones of a dead dog? This couple did, and Eamonn Holmes was really, really tactful about it.

Obligatory Bear Moment of the Week

Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephen Bear continued to provide excellent entertainment value this week. Here he is, doing his thing.

Obligatory Bear Moment of the Week, Part 2

Oh, and there was this bit too – possibly the most emotional TV moment ever to feature someone with a pile of doughnuts on their head.


So, cyclist Laura Trott has become the greatest British female Olympian of all time, and her sister is a scowling, hissing creature composed entirely of jealousy and bitterness. That’s according to Twitter, anyway. Watch the offending interview and decide for yourself…

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