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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



It was the week in which the nation was horrified by the flagrant abuse of a Jaffa Cake, and we saw the literal worst tattoo ever committed to a person’s skin. 




Jaffa cake-gate

For a brief glimmering moment this week, Jaffa Cake fans in the “biscuit” camp united with those in the “cake” camp in horror at the sight of Paul Hollywood dunking his Jaffa Cake in a cup of tea. Mary Berry’s face said it all. Actually no, Twitter said it all. Sample tweet: “Just dunk a Digestive instead you savage.”

P-p-p-pick a fight with a penguin

Here’s a reporter for This Morning absolutely losing it after being attacked by a penguin. And if you think that’s odd, consider the fact she was there to cover the promotion of a penguin named Sir Nils Olav to the rank of brigadier in the Norwegian King’s Guard. We’re not making that up.

Rylan gets spicy

Ever wanted to see Rylan Clark-Neal pretend to be Baby Spice? Well congratulations. This moment has occurred.

Every little helps

You can always count on Tattoo Fixers to make us gasp a-fresh at the sheer possibilities of human idiocy. Behold the man who got the Tesco logo, complete with the phrase “Every Little Helps” with an arrow pointing at his groin, after being inspired by a plastic bag in the street…

Gaby vs Fly

Well, it’s good to know that Gaby Roslin is the kind of solid, professional presenter who wouldn’t just burst into fits of giggles at the presence of a fly in the studio… 


Nineties nostalgia addicts, here’s Janice from Friends being Janice from Friends.

Food fight!

“It’s only a bit of pie, innit? ONLY a bit of pie!” Not our words, but the words of contemporary poet and philosopher, Stephen Bear, as he triggered a particularly messy moment on Big Brother. Take it away, Bear…

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