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Trailer: Take a trip to Magic City

Trailer: Take a trip to Magic City



Are you ready to get lost in Magic City? From 1st September,, seasons 1 and 2 of our new Virgin TV exclusive Box Set is available to watch for all Full House (previously XL) customers, and we think you’ll agree: crime has never looked better.

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Ike Evans, owner of a top, glitzy Miami Beach hotel in the rich, retro world of late-1950s glamour. As he treads the fine line between leading the good life with beautiful wife Vera (Quantum Of Solace’s Olga Kurylenko) and doing shady business deals with violent mob boss Ben “The Butcher” Diamond (Danny Huston), Magic City presents a decadent world of heart-wrenching drama, compelling crime, fabulous fashion, cool cars and plenty of glorious sizzling sunshine.

Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer for yourself….

Seasons 1 and 2 of Magic City are now available to watch on demand exclusively to Full House (previously XL) customers. Find it in On Demand > Box Sets.

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