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8 fictional companies we’d like to intern for

8 fictional companies we’d like to intern for



Robert De Niro goes back to the breadline in his latest comedy The Intern, which arrives on Sky Cinema this week. Showing what life is like for an OAP going back to the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, the film follows the silver screen icon as he interns for Anne Hathaway’s fictional fashion startup.

Of course a career in haute couture might not be everyone’s dream job, but there are still plenty of fictional film companies we’d like to intern for. Here are just eight of them… 

KVWN-TV Channel Four Evening News - Anchorman (2004)

They get you the news, so you don’t have to

They get you the news, so you don’t have to

Sure the sexism is rampant and you never know when you might have to down tools and up tridents in order to take out a rival news team in a good old fashioned streetfight. But if you overlook the obvious pitfalls, the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of San Diego’s premier newsteam is tough to resist.

Why we’d want to intern there: They say your job is only as good as the people you work with, and in Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Champ Kind and Brick Tamland you’d be mucking in with some of the best. 

Universal Exports – The James Bond franchise (1962 – present)

This fictional import / export company might only be a cover for the British Secret Service, but that won’t matter to anyone who’s ever dreamed of brushing shoulders with Q, Moneypenny and co. in the break room.

Why we’d want to intern there: Just think of the travel opportunities, the gadgets, and a dress code that looks Mad Men look slovenly by comparison. 

Stark Industries - The Marvel movie universe (2008 - present)

“Yes, I have tried turning it on and off again”

“Yes, I have tried turning it on and off again”

Run by an eccentric billionaire with a penchant for parties, politics and super powered shenanigans; a stint with this former arms manufacturer would look good on anyone’s fictional CV.

Why we’d want to intern there: A good boss is hard to come by, finding one who’s a bonafide superhero is probably even harder. 

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Nakatomi Trading Company – Die Hard (1988)

With lavish LA offices and a gaggle of fun loving employees, the Nakatomi Corporation are as much a part of Die Hard lore as Bruce Willis, dirty vests and Alan Rickman’s deliciously villainous Hans Gruber.

Why we’d want to intern there: The Christmas parties are to die for (literally).

Die Hard is available to watch now on Netflix


Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971 & 2005)

Despite a questionable employment policy that sees orange-tinged Oompa Loompas forced into saccharine slavery; Wonka chocolate is perhaps one of the famous fictional companies to grace the cinematic stock market. What started as a small town store, Wonka’s factory eventually grew into a confectionary conglomeration 50 times bigger than any other around the world and a name that’s become synonymous with sugary treats for cinemagoers around the globe.

Why we’d want to intern there: Chocolate rivers, Nut Rooms and rock-candy mines - ‘nuff said.  


Quick Stop Groceries – Clerks (1994)

Amazingly Kevin Smith actually worked at the New Jersey convenience store that provided the backdrop for his 1994 Indy hit Clerks, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the end product is one of those films that speaks to anyone who’s had to work a job they don't like just to pay the bills. Though sadly, not all of us had Clerks' geek fuelled diatribes to keep us amused as we stacked the shelves. 

Why we’d want to intern there: Who wouldn’t want to slack off and talk about Star Wars all day? 


Duke and Duke – Trading Places (1983)

Interested in a career trading pork belly and orange juice concentrate? Then Philadelphia’s foremost commodities broker might be the business for you.

Why we’d want to intern there: Alongside the money, the chauffeur driven cars and the expensive offices; the company runs a community outreach program that gives jobs to the needy. 


Soylent Corporation – Soylent Green (1973)

On a dystopian Earth in the year 2022 (yup, that’s only 6 years away) the Soylent Corporation is tasked with feeding the earth’s hungry mouths. Sure the exact ingredients of their protein rich rations are unknown, but people have got to eat right?

Why we’d want to intern there: The menu at the staff canteen sounds delicious.