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A guide to surviving The Walking Dead

A guide to surviving The Walking Dead



Warning: gruesome images ahead

Life in a post zom… er… walker apocalypse is all about survival. So naturally the motley crew of The Walking Dead have learned more than a little about the dos and don’ts of staying alive. And after six seasons of watching them struggle, we think we’ve caught on to the key takeaways of how to make it in their world.

As every single episode of the show becomes available to watch On Demand (find them in On Demand > Box Sets > What’s New) , now is a good time to give our take on the series’ most useful advice about how to stay alive among the undead.

Join a group 

It’s unquestionable: if you don’t have a crew to fight on your side, you have nothing. Find yourself a team as soon as possible. And if you’re feeling particularly ruthless, get rid of anyone in your new group you don’t click with. You can’t take chances when you’re out on the run.


Trust no one else

Outside of your new survival family, don’t rely on anyone. Obviously. Those you meet are likely after your supplies. Or could be following the orders of a twisted leader who likes to play weird mind games, Governor-style. Or, worse, might be looking to use you as walker fodder. Collaborate, sure, but never ever let your guard down.


Be ready to kill off your friends and family if they turn

Even with those close to you, don’t ever let yourself get too sentimental. If one of them gets turned (into a walker), you’ll have to look them straight in the eye and, ahem, send them to the next world. Yeah we know, it’s awful stuff, but it’s for your own safety, and also because that’s what they would have wanted you to do. Try to pay proper respect to the dead whenever you can. After all there’s a good chance you’ll be one of them soon…


Stay really. REALLY fit

Needless to say, you need to be able to run fast and for a long stretches of time. And if things get really, really awful, you’ll have to make sure you’re always faster than at least one person in your group at all times (think about that one until you shudder). Though we don’t particularly recommend you go all Shane Walsh and deliberately wound a buddy to distract the walkers while you’re legging it. Seriously. Don’t be that guy. 


Get really good at hiding

Sometimes, you just won’t be able to run, and so you’ll have to come up with a solid hiding place on the spot. Though that shouldn’t always be too hard. The walkers aren’t the cleverest in that respect, as long as you manage to stay quiet.


Be creative with your choice of weapons

This one’s pretty straightforward: anything that can hurt a walker, or your human enemy, is a weapon. You’d be surprised with what you can do with just about anything, though spades seem to be particularly fashionable multi-purpose items in the Walking Dead world.


Though crossbows are obviously the best

A crossbow should obviously be your weapon of choice - if you can get your hands on one. Think about it: You can hit your enemies at a good distance, it’s sustainable (you can retrieve the arrows so you don’t have to resupply your munitions all the time), and as a bonus, it looks totally awesome.


Have we mentioned running? Run, at any opportunity

In case we didn’t make it clear enough: running away is really important. 


Don’t get close to a pit of walkers

You’d think this would be a pretty clear-cut one, but just in case, we’ll stick it on the list. If you’ve got a giant pit full of walkers - don’t get close to the edge. And always keep in mind that someone just might push you in. 


Keeping pet walkers is also probably not the best idea

In a related point, keeping a walker as a pet, even if subdued, is probably not the cleverest of plans. You’ll let your guard down at some point and it’ll attack you - or someone else (see previous point).


Be prepared to keep moving camp

As the Walking Dead teams have learned too many times to count, any perimeter can be breached (yup, even prisons). Be ready to pack quickly and light and don’t let yourself ever get too used to a place. You’ll likely have to find a new home in a few months’ time anyhow.


Or you could just “move out of the way”

As useful as all the above advice is, these guys also seem to be on to something. Why hasn’t anyone tried this advanced technique before? We’re keeping our fingers crossed for season 7 (coming in October).

Make sure you catch up before then. Every episode of The Walking Dead is available to watch On Demand. Find them in On Demand > Box Sets > What’s New.