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American Horror Story season 6: What we know so far

American Horror Story season 6: What we know so far



Hurrah! Also *shudder*. Because the new season of America Horror Story lands on our screens on Friday 16th September at 10pm on Fox (also available after broadcast in Catch Up), which is great-and-terrifying news! It’s no exaggeration to say that this season in particular is one of the autumn’s most anticipated TV premieres as the showrunners have deliberately kept everything about this new instalment a total mystery. 

Still, let’s not let that stop us from taking a look at what we do know. No spoilers though – we promise!


American Horror Story: What’s the deal?

Never watched American Horror Story? Don’t know what it’s all about? Not to worry. In a way, AHS does what it says on the tin. The show is a series of US-based horror stories, often inspired by real life rumours or events. But it’s also much more - its super creepy staging and stellar acting performances have already made it a cult classic.

The show is an anthology series, meaning that every season is a completely new story, with different characters, set in a new time period. The benefit? You can start watching the show from any season and be on the same page as avid fans. So if you’re keen to try it, make sure to catch the beginning of season 6. The fun thing too is that AHS has a lot of returning actors. So you’ll get to see the likes of Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga playing a different character in each season.


The mysterious new season 6

In the past, the AHS showrunners have made a big deal of the upcoming next instalment, announcing its title and general theme well in advance.

But this year, we got nothing. AHS has kept mum about pretty much everything regarding season 6, including even its title. Naturally, the secrecy has kept fans speculating wildly over the last few months.


What we know so far: the plot

The previous season, American Horror Story: Hotel was set in the present (though it included flashbacks throughout the 20th century). The show likes to mix it up with time periods, so it was generally agreed that season six would return to a story set in the past. But the theory was debunked (kind of) when it was announced that the season would take place now, but with a “dual timeline in echoes of the past.”

Yeah, we’re not sure what that means either.

Otherwise, all that the showrunners were willing to say was that the new series would have “children and operatic themes” and be “more rogue and darker.”  Specific much?


What we know so far: the cast

What we do know is that the following cast will turn up in season six - all of whom have appeared in previous seasons of AHS: Cheyenne Jackson, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Denis O'Hare, Wes Bentley, Matt Bommer, Sarah Paulson and Finn Wittrock.


Red herrings

Not content with clamping down on the marketing this year, AHS also released quite an extensive series of teaser trailers for the new season - twenty-six to be exact. And they were all very VERY different - so much so that they seemed to be about completely different plots altogether. Thus getting fans even more confused. The only thing in common between all of them? A question mark pattern. AHS then announced that only one was actually accurate, challenging audiences to guess which.


Echoes from the US

The first episode of the season has now aired in the US, and we now know that the new series’ title is American Horror Story: Roanoke. The name refers to the American colony of Roanoke, who in 1590 all disappeared in mysterious and unexplained circumstances (yup, all 117 of them. Brrr we’ve got the chills just thinking about it). The story is actually referred to in AHS season 1, fuelling discussions as to whether all of the seasons are interlinked in some way.

This season also has a slightly different format. One half is a set of characters recounting their story to the camera. In the other we see a different set of actors playing the same characters in ‘dramatic re-enactments’ of their story.

Promos for Episode 2 promise more gore, and Kathy Bates walking around in colonial dress with meat cleaver. Here’s to lots of creepy nights in!

America Horror Story season 6 starts on Friday 16th September at 10pm on Fox, and is also available to watch after broadcast in Catch Up. 

Don’t miss out – record it now!

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