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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



Janet Street-Porter talking dirty, a terrifying snowman, and Grant Mitchell doing Grant Mitchell-like things: welcome to this week in TV.


Loose Women Live Up To Their Name

What should we do with the NHS? Politicians are always debating this thorny issue, but perhaps they should take on board Janet Street-Porter’s thoughts on the matter. (Btw, your ears aren’t deceiving you, Janet IS thinking sexual thoughts about Eamonn Holmes at the beginning of the clip.)

Who Says Baking Isn’t Manly?

This week on Bake Off: a very “male” loaf of bread, as Mel memorably put it.

A very “male” loaf of bread.

Nothing to see here


We’re Walking in the Arrrrrrgggghh!

Did you know snowman-phobia is a thing? You do now

Did you know snowman-phobia is a thing? You do now

Best Expression of the Week

That face you make when you realise you’re back in EastEnders.


Best Punch of All Time

Because nothing brightens up our day like seeing Ian Beale punched right in the face. The glasses flying off are what make it extra special.


So That’s What the C Stands For

On CBeebies this week, a presenter sang the word “kite”. Why is everyone talking about it? He just sang the word “kite”, is all.


Best Jonathan Ross Humping Things

So this happened on Celebrity Juice. We don’t know why, but it happened. We think we might be watching Jonathan Ross and fitness guru Joe Wicks having some kind of breakdown.

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