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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



A TV clown gave us a nervous breakdown this week, but it’s OK because we also got to see Michel Roux Jr flirting awkwardly with a pop star and that made everything better.


Disorder in the court

This is cheating a bit because Judge Rinder’s dance on Strictly was technically last week. But it’s sheer level of god-like awesomeness means we had to include it. As one YouTube commenter says, “I like to imagine this as part of a movie, where Judge Rinder uses his powers of sassy dance to destroy a meteor hurtling to earth after the military have failed to destroy it.” We can only agree.

Strictly Come Dancing is available in Catch Up on BBC iPlayer


Top Trump

A Donald Trump impersonator appeared on This Morning and we could have watched him forever. Luckily, a gif makes that possible. 


Terrifying clown moment of the week

This Morning was clearly determined to frighten us this week. Not only did it give us the faux-Trump, it also presented this clown creeping up behind the cameraman like a nerve-shredding apparition from our worst waking nightmares. GOOD GOD LOOK AT HIM.

This Morning is available in Catch Up on ITV Hub


Mary Berry declared a “tart” on Bake Off

Look, we know Mary Berry’s left the Bake Off, but there’s no need for insults…

The Great British Bake Off is available in Catch Up on BBC iPlayer


Grant and Tiffany’s big reunion

Does it make us sad that we got all pathetically happy about seeing Grant and Tiffany sharing the screen on Loose Women this week? Then we’re sad. We’re Saddy McSaddiston.

Loose Women is available in Catch up on ITV Hub



Presenting Saturday Kitchen this week, Michel Roux Jr was tasked with interviewing singer Rebecca Ferguson. And magically transformed into your dad flirting with your girlfriend while you watch and die of embarrassment.

Saturday Kitchen is available in Catch up on BBC iPlayer

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