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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 12 funniest bloopers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 12 funniest bloopers



Making a Marvel movie is no small enterprise. Among other things, there’s a ton of complex special effects; heaps of different locations; and a good number of famous faces starring, all of whom of course, have to be kept happy. With all of that pressure, it’s no wonder that sometimes, the cast slip, with often-hilarious results. With Captain America: Civil War now available to watch on Virgin Movies, we take a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s absolute best blooper reel moments.


1. The Smoothie Machine (Ant-Man)

This Ant-Man reel has some great stuff on it, and it’s no surprise; we still think that the film was one of Marvel’s funniest. Our favourite bit, though, is this smoothie conversation, in which Luis and Kurt share their best recipes. And we agree - they do always taste like banana, right? Look out too for the bit where Paul Rudd swears in front of Abby Ryder Fortson (who plays Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie), after which she announces ‘I heard you!’


2. Mark Ruffalo and the science-y words (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Um, so Bruce Banner may be a world-class scientist, but Mark Ruffalo… isn’t quite there yet. These shots of him struggling with his lines are just pure gold. Watching this reel, we also feel a bit sorry for Joss Whedon, who looks like he had to deal with a joyfully unruly cast during the shoot of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Our second favourite moment here is when Samuel L. Jackson pushes Scarlett Johansson off the screen: “Wait, what am I doing here?”


3. Cut the check! (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

It looks like Anthony Mackie was totally the life of the party on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier shoot. We love this series of clips where he victoriously declaims ‘cut the check! ‘at the end of his scene. He’s definitely got swag. And while you’re here, be sure to check out Chris Evans mock crying over his failed shield move and Cobie Smulders stuck in her helmet…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is available to watch on Netflix


4. The lunch/The slaps (Thor: The Dark World)

Picture this: Costumed Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are shooting a REALLY earnest scene set in Asgard when…. a colleague, dressed in normal everyday garb, walks onto the set with lunch. Woops. Well, even superheroes have to eat. Another segment we love from this Thor: Dark World reel is Portman’s (over?) enthusiastic slapping. Notice how Hemsworth has to take a second afterwards to register the impact?


5. When Mjolnir falls apart (Thor: The Dark World)

Yay to this epic battle scene at the gates of Asgard! But wait - did we see right? Did Mjolnir just…?  Fall apart? At least Hemsworth knows how to improvise. Look at him twirling the hammer’s handle like it was all part of the plan. Then, later, there’s Tom Hiddleston joining him in what sounds like a cat mewing contest. Um, what?


6. The hammer catch/ You will be avenged! (Avengers Assemble)

Hemsworth delivers the silliest failed hammer catch ever here, and it’s made all the funnier by the fact that Chris Evans goes on with the epic fight scene without noticing anything. But wait, that’s not all: this Avengers Assemble reel also features Cobie Smulders dramatically weeping at Coulson’s death like there’s no tomorrow. “I’m gonna get the Avengers and you will be Avenged!” is the best line ever and in our humble opinion they should have kept it in the film, all tongue-in-cheek. (And if this wasn’t brilliant stuff enough this video also shows Tom Hiddleston doing an Alan Rickman impression and Coulson making a move on Rogers. You’re welcome J

Avengers Assemble is available now on Virgin Movies


7. The not-so dramatic fall (Captain America: Civil War)

Remember how we felt all sad and defeated when(spoiler alert!) Rhodes crashed to the ground at the end of Captain America: Civil War? Falcon is supposed to arrive soon after his fall to check on him, but here his failed landing kinda ruins the sombre atmosphere. But hey, at least he made Iron Man laugh. Also in this Civil War reel? Martin Freeman messing up his lines. Somehow it feels really weird to hear him swearing.

Captain America: Civil War is available now on Virgin Movies


8. You walked us right off the set! (Guardians of the Galaxy)

We love this shot from The Guardians of the Galaxy bloopers. The Ravagers are fighting among themselves… and then all of a sudden, still staying in character, they start arguing about how they’ve just walked off the set. It’s a priceless moment, although Lee Pace practicing his hammer moves as Ronan comes a pretty close second.

Guardians of the Galaxy is available to watch now on Netflix


9. The epic dance-off (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Remember how Star-Lord tries to engage Ronan in a dance off at the end of The Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, this is what it would have looked like if Ronan had accepted. Admittedly, Lee Pace looks like he’s a bit constrained by his Kree costumes, so his moves are limited, but he sure gets points for effort.


10. By Jove I think we got it (Iron Man 3)

We sometimes wonder whether Robert Downey Jr ever stops being funny. Seriously, it sounds like he’s making jokes (in his obnoxious, lovable way) non-stop from breakfast all the way to bedtime.  This Iron Man 3 collection is pure gold, though our favourite blooper by far is when Downey Jr exclaims ‘By Jove, I think we got it!” at the end of a take, in his very best British accent.


11. Trevor’s accents (Iron Man 3)

Speaking of accents, here is a great clip of Rhodes and Iron Man making the feckless Trevor try out various accents. Was this the actors goofing around? Or was this scene meant to be in the film? We can’t quite tell, but it’s great stuff, especially when they ask him, deadpan, to do a Brit voice. (‘Well I am British’)


12. Samuel L. Jackson calls out the BS (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Samuel L. Jackson takes no nonsense. In a scene with Cobie Smulders, from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, she forgets what she’s saying and tries to pass it off as messing up her eye line instead. In classic Nick Fury style, he calls her out on it, and it’s just brilliant. Later on in the reel Scarlett Johansson and Robert Redford also very cutely mess up their lines. Good to know that these acting legends have their bad days too!

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