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What to watch – Hidden Gems on Virgin Movies in September


Stuck for something to watch? Want to try something different? Many movies are released every month without fanfare or fuss, and these hidden gems deserve to be seen. Here are ten to look out for in September…


Edge Of Winter

Edge Of Winter

Two boys get stranded at a remote cabin with their unhinged father. A simple premise, but factor in a claustrophobic snowy setting and you have yourself a tense and suspense-filled film that will have you sitting uncomfortably in your seat. And Spider-Man himself Tom Holland plays one of the boys.

Edge Of Winter is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 5th September.

I Saw The Light

Biopics and true stories are all the rage at the moment, with famous musicians often the subject. But with Tom Hiddleston playing troubled country music star Hank Williams, you have a film that immediately stands out from the crowd. Co-starring Elizabeth Olsen, I Saw The Light is a gripping account of a true legend.

I Saw The Light is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 12th September.




Documentary is a genre that is so often wrongly overlooked. But sometimes there’s nothing better than a well-made documentary focusing on a genuinely interesting subject. Killswitch looks at the power of the internet and the battle to control it. Focusing on several infamous hacktivists, this is a film that is sure to open your eyes.

Killswitch is available on Virgin Movies from 13th September.


A Hologram For The King

A little-known Tom Hanks film is a very rare beast indeed. But in A Hologram For The King, that’s exactly what you have here. Based on Dan Eggers’ best-selling novel, and directed by Cloud Atlas writer Tom Tykwer, this is a funny and moving story, starring one of the most famous actors on the planet.

A Hologram For The King is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 19th September.


Everybody Wants Some!!

Richard Linklater could well be the master of the coming-of-age story. Seriously, does anyone come close to him when it comes to a tale of growing up? Considered by the man himself as a sequel to the Oscar-winning Boyhood, this is another funny, perfectly cast story set in a perfect period setting.

Everybody Wants Some!! is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 19th September.


Green Room

From the director of the brilliant hidden gem Blue Ruin, Green Room boasts an impressive cast including Anton Yelchin in his final and best role, and Patrick Stewart as you’ve never seen him before. Easily one of the best films of the year, Green Room is a relentless and brutal thriller that is guaranteed to shred your nerves.

Green Room is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 19th September.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Based on a true story and starring Tina Fey, Margot Robbie and Martin Freeman, this is just a fun, entertaining watch. A few laughs are of course delivered by the talented cast, but the engaging story is what holds the hold thing together.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 19th September.


Level Up

Level Up

A Londoner is forced by masked men to deliver a mysterious package. If he fails, his girlfriend dies. On paper, this British thriller shouldn’t work. But against all the odds, Level Up delivers. Featuring several cool action set-pieces in recognisable London locations, this is a relentless ride that thrills and surprises in equal measures.

Level Up is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 19th September.



Daniel Radcliffe infiltrates a gang of white supremacists. Although images of Harry Potter fighting skinheads are inevitable, Imperium is a serious film. You have to hand it to Daniel, stepping into this role could be considered something of a gamble, but it is a gamble that definitely pays off. Hard-hitting and tense, Imperium is a must for September.

Imperium is available on Virgin Movies from Friday 23rd September.


The Darkness

The Darkness

Producer Jason Blum must be one of the hardest working people in Hollywood. The man responsible for the Paranormal Activity, Insidious and Sinister movies, is the name when it comes to horror, and The Darkness is his latest frightener. Featuring genuine scares, and Kevin Bacon in a starring role, this is one to watch in preparation for Halloween. 

The Darkness is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 26th September


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