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2016’s 6 most underrated movies (so far)

2016’s 6 most underrated movies (so far)



2016’s been an unpredictable year for movies. While a whole heap of the most anticipated blockbusters scored solidly at the box office, the majority were also critical duds.

So there’s no better time to seek out the smaller budgeted, lesser-known and undeniably better-quality films of the year to date.


The Greasy Strangler


This week sees the arrival of one of the most original and downright WTF movies of 2016. The Greasy Strangler is almost definitely the best horror-comedy-erotic thriller-absurdist drama of the year. And yes, it’s exactly as weird as that sounds.

The story of a geriatric who runs a Disco walking tour with his son takes an even more bizarre turn when a woman joins the tour and starts a love rivalry of potentially murderous proportions - largely because of the arrival of a psychotic, literally greasy strangler. Completely deranged, completely original, and completely must-see.

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Sing Street

Musicals are a tough sell. Irish indie musical-comedy-coming-of-age-dramas, even more so. But writer/producer/director John Carney has good pedigree, having steered the ships of the Oscar-nommed Begin Again and the Oscar-winning Once. Sing Street is yet another heart-warming insta-classic.

Not only are the performances and plot full of all the feels, but the songs are near-perfect; a collection of 80s toe-tappers that ape all the best tunes from the era, and sound like the best Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and The Cure B-Sides you’ve never heard.

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If Elmo taught us anything, it’s that tickling is fun. So you’d think a documentary about non-stop tickling would be hilarious comedy gold. The reality is a darn sight more disturbing, and fascinating. This documentary starts off by delving into what its reporter David Farrier thinks is the light-hearted, slightly weird world of fetish tickling. But as Farrier falls further down the rabbit hole, things become a lot more sinister. Things get weird, a little scary and very, very compelling


Midnight Special

It may sound weird to label a movie with a 84% Rotten Tomatoes rating as underrated, but with a worldwide gross of only $6m, it’s a simple fact that Midnight Special wasn’t seen by anywhere near as many people as it deserves.

Not only is it one of the year’s smartest and most atmospheric sci-fis, but with Jeff Nichols (he of Mud and Take Shelter fame) writing and directing, it also packs an emotional punch that’s as moving as it is beautiful, with the tale of one father’s mission to protect his super-powered son from forces that want him contained.

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Love & Friendship

The very sight of a bonnet and corset can make many a film fan run screaming for the emergency exit. But Love & Friendship defies all expectations.

Genuinely hilarious, with a smart, sassy script, it’s also Kate Beckinsale’s finest role in years (probably decades), and with Chloe Sevigny, and Stephen Fry in supporting roles, it boasts one of the finest ensemble casts of 2016 so far.

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The Invitation 

Netflix boasts an array of surprisingly great smaller-budgeted indie flicks, but 2016 has seen the arrival of two utterly brilliant/terrifying ones.

The Invitation is the ultimate slow build creep-out, set around a group of friends having a dinner party. As their backstories trickle to the surface (it’s the first proper catch-up for them all since the tragic death of the host’s child), things become more unsettling and disconcerting. Inevitably, it doesn’t end well.



Hush is a more conventional horror trope, but one with an unexpected, genius twist. A woman lives in a remote woodland home, and finds herself the victim of a masked slasher-killer. The main twist? She’s deaf. Meaning he can literally smash windows, walk right up behind her and just stand there without her realising. What follows is a heart pounding, intriguing thriller that makes you think ‘What If?’ the entire way throughout.

The Invitation and Hush are available now on Netflix