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Best bits: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Best bits: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon



You want some chat? You want some really, really good chat? Then be happy, because The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon is coming to E! on Tuesday  1st November at 10pm.

Brace yourself for celebrities – as in proper, 100%-proof A-list celebrities – being unbelievably ridiculous at the behest of smartly suited court jester Jimmy Fallon, who manages the tricky feat of being a jolly man-child, but in a non-irritating way. Don’t believe us? Check out some of his greatest ever moments below. Warning: you’re about to see Harry Potter rapping.


Barack Obama: crooner

Ever wondered what a political speech would sound like if it was a Barry White love song? You’re about to find out.



When Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart entered a haunted house, it all went a bit Scooby Doo, with both of them as Shaggy. The big shrieking wusses.


The Phone Booth Game

We’d love to say Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball. But she actually looked pretty sheepish and scared, as well you might when you’re trapped in a phone booth with a massive spider crawling over you.


Dwayne Wibbly

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hadn’t eaten any sweets for decades, so Jimmy Fallon decided to change that with wibbly-wobbly gummy sweets. We’re not so sure about Jimmy’s stripper name, though.


Trumping Trump

Do you think Donald Trump only agreed to do this because Fallon was going to be playing Donald Trump? As the Donald says, “The only one qualified to interview me… is me.”


Ricky Gervais: impressionist

What, you didn’t know Ricky does impressions? It’s a tough call, but we reckon his Christopher Walken is probably the finest of all.


How Much Wood WOULD a Wood Chuck Chuck?

We never realised how much entertainment value there would be in watching Kristen Stewart just saying random words. It almost makes up for all of Twilight.


Harry Hip-hopper

When Daniel Radcliffe got up to do a rap, it should have been a cringe moment for the ages. Instead, it was legitimately brilliant. Now that’s magic.


The Wheel of Impressions

More impressions, this time courtesy of Seth MacFarlane, and if you’re an old school Police Academy fan, you’ll certainly want to see his Bobcat Goldthwait…


Morgan Freeman On Helium

It’s Morgan Freeman on helium. There’s literally nothing else to say.


The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon starts on Tuesday  1st November at 10pm on E!