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Box sets to suit every mood available On Demand

Box sets to suit every mood available On Demand



You can forget BBQs, countryside strolls, and balmy afternoons in a beer garden – autumn’s well and truly here, and there are only the blizzards of winter to come. On the plus side, there’s no reason to worry about maintaining that perfect beach body physique. Instead, plonk yourself down on the sofa, place biscuits within easy grabbing distance, and pop on a good box set.

From brutal zombie slaying and showy superhero hijinks, to backstabbing housewives and all things fabulous – here’s our round-up of top box sets to binge on this autumn, whatever your mood may be…


In the mood for… blood-soaked horror comedy?

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead

What it’s about: Set 30 years after the original Evil Dead films, it follows the chainsaw-handed Ash Williams, everyone’s favourite trash-talking monster-mashing man-child, once again doing battle with the dastardly Deadites. Cue gore, giggles and thrills aplenty, as he unravels mysterious happenings about town while keeping the quip-quota as high as the body count.

Who’s in it: Bruce Campbell (reprising his role from the original Evil Dead film series), and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess).

You’ll like this if you like: Z Nation


In the mood for… some non-Marvel superhero goodness?

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

What it’s about: A super-charged spin-off from Arrow and The Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow follows an ensemble of metahumans, rounded-up by time-hopping Rip Hunter. Further proof that – whisper it – DC are a bit better at telly than the big screen, this is a rollicking adventure featuring Hollywood-quality effects, explosive action scenes, and that bloke who played that companion from Doctor Who.

Who’s in it: Arthur Darvill (aforementioned Doctor Who bloke), Brandon Routh (Arrow, and the underrated Superman Returns), and Caity Lotz (Arrow).

You’ll like this if you like: Arrow, The Flash, anything superhero


In the mood for… ways to survive in a zombie apocalypse?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

What it’s about: Now on to its upcoming seventh season, The Walking Dead is a dark epic of survival and rivalry amid a bunch of savvy survivors as they search for a safe haven following a zombie apocalypse. Tempers fray, human nature turns brutal, and despite the slathering smelly zombies, relationships blossom. For a while, anyway.

Who’s in it: Andrew Lincoln (This Life), Melissa McBride (Dawson’s Creek), Lauren Cohan (The Vampire Diaries).

You’ll like this if you like: Dead Set, The Originals, Supernatural


In the mood for… gritty domestic dramas and mixed martial arts?



What it’s about: Alvey and his sons, who run a gym for hardened MMA fighters in Venice, California. A red-raw family drama, it focuses on the highs and lows of complicated relationships, and the cost of going above and beyond for those you care about. And the fight scenes are the best ones we’ve seen, this side of Raging Bull.

Who’s in it: Frank Grillo (Prison Break), Kiele Sanchez (Lost), Nick Jonas (considerably more “jacked” than in his Jonas Brothers days).

You’ll like this if you like: Prison Break, any programme in which people get pummelled.


In the mood for… gangsters and old school glamour?

Magic City

Magic City

What it’s about: Mobsters, socialites, hoteliers and spies - set against the glitzy backdrop of the Miramar Playa Hotel, Miami Beach’s hottest haunt. Expect dodgy deals, scandalous affairs, and all out blackmail – neatly packaged in authentic 1950s style.

Who’s in it: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy), Danny Huston (American Horror Story), and Olga Kurylenko (Tyranny).

You’ll like this if you like: Scandal


In the mood for… suspicion and mysteries in suburbia?

Desperate Housewives


What it’s about: The flamboyant lives of housewives who inhabit the sickeningly idyllic Wisteria Lane. Despite its flowery, picket-fenced veneer however, life isn’t a bed of roses for any of them. Drama is always afoot, from shady new neighbours with deep dark secrets, to the hilarious antics of the neighbourhood harlot.

Who’s in it: Teri Hatcher (The New Adventures of Superman), Marcia Cross (Quantico), and Eva Longoria (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

You’ll like this if you like: Cougar Town, Devious Maids, Mistresses


In the mood for… PR, fashion and Bolly, darling?

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous

What it’s about: The drink and drug addled antics of PR guru and nightmare-mother Edina Monsoon, and her beehived chain-smoking sidekick Patsy Stone. From London’s hottest haunts to major fashion shows, the sitcom follows the duo on their never-ending quest for glamour, hedonism, and “Names, names, names darling!”

Who’s in it: Jennifer Saunders (French & Saunders), Joanna Lumley (The Wolf Of Wall Street), and Julia Sawalha (Jonathan Creek).

You’ll like this is you like: Gimme Gimme Gimme, Miranda


In the mood for… hunting down the bad guys?

The Blacklist

The Blacklist

What it’s about: Suave fugitive and “Concierge of Crime” Raymond Reddington makes an irresistible deal with the FBI – that he’ll help them put away a list of gangsters, terrorists, and politicians, to get himself off the hook. Well, that and lots of other juicy story arc-type things.

Who’s in it: James Spader (The Office), Megan Boone (Law & Order: LA).

You’ll like this is you like: Criminal Minds, Spooks

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