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Hollywood’s most yummy mummies (of the monster kind)

Hollywood’s most yummy mummies (of the monster kind)



Aren’t mummies the most delightfully cinematic of monsters? So much so, that sometimes it’s hard to remember that they, along with the whole of Ancient Egypt, weren’t wholly made-up by Hollywood. It all works out so perfectly. There’s the suitably perfect pyramidal backdrops and claustrophobic tomb chambers; and the whole wrapping in linens thing is both immensely creepy and visually arresting. Gods of Egypt is now on Virgin Movies, and shows the ancient civilisation’s deities battling out their differences in dramatic fashion. In celebration, we’ve decided to take a look at cinema’s very yummiest of mummies! 


1.  The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy brought its titular creature firmly back into fashion –and resulted in a franchise that comprised another three films, a TV series and a theme park ride. The story follows Egyptologist Evie, and Rick, an explorer, as they search the remains of an ancient tomb. Unbeknownst to them, the spot  is the resting place of the priest Imhotep, who was condemned to be buried alive there.. The ancient cleric (who becomes the yummy mummy here) also happens to be a specialist in revivals. Whoops.  When they wake him up, he’s all set to wreak havoc, to say the least.

2.  Bubba Ho Tep (2002)

Bubba Ho-Tep is utterly delicious, and it wins all of the points for Most Original Mummy. The film tells the story of a mummified corpse that targets a retirement home, consuming the soul of its residents one by one. (It’s not attacking younger people, because, well, they’re too fast to catch. Bubba’s thousands of years old, all right?). The undead gentleman also takes an unexpected liking to cowboy garb, which soon becomes his signature outfit. (Yep, you’ve read right, this film is all about a mummy going around wearing boots and a hat). It’s almost a pity that he’s ultimately taken down by a flamethrower, curtesy of Elvis and JFK impersonators.


3.  Gods of Egypt (2016)

You might need tissues for this one

Effects packed Gods of Egypt follows the spectacular battle between the god Horus and his uncle Set. Believe it or not, the whole film is actually an argument over body parts. The two have superpowers, but Set gets greedy and decides to steal various organs from his relatives (thus sort of forming a makeshift mummy). This allows him to nab their powers and become the most powerful of them all. Yeah, we can only imagine what their family dinners must be like.

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4.  Hotel Transylvania (2012)

You might need tissues for this one

Hotel Transylvania boasts one of the cutest entrants in this list with Murray the Mummy, a fun-loving resident of the establishment. Count Drac runs the place as a hideout for monsters, though it all goes wrong when a human backpacker turns up and falls in love with his daughter. Murray and the whole gaggle of creatures team up to save the day. You can also find the mummy in Hotel Transylvania 2, in which he attempts to teach Drac’s grandson, Dennis, how to be scary.

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5.  The Monster Squad (1987)

Emma Watson finds sharing isn’t necessarily caring in the big-screen adaptation of The Circle

A group of kids find out that they have in their hands the power to kick monsters out of this universe – but only if they read an incantation in German, while holding a special amulet, in a church. Yeah, it’s a bit random. But this film is also a must-see cult classic, and one of the creatures our heroes have to fend off is a satisfyingly old-school mummy, who is totally terrifying.


6.  The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy (1958)

What. An. Epic. Title. The third instalment in this trilogy (the first two films being The Aztec Mummy and The Curse of the Aztec Mummy) sees evil scientist Dr. Krupp build a robot in order to defeat the mummy, and steal one of its tomb’s treasures. Let’s just say that things don't go so well for the robot. Also, it’s not often that protagonists are on the same team as a creepy mummy, so we gladly welcome this break from tradition. (And who said that mummies always had to be Egyptian?)


7.  X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

Get ready for The Shack attack

Mummy Mutant En Sabah Nur is consigned to sleep for almost eternity in a pyramid, mainly for being power-hungry and annoying. That is until CIA agent Moira McTaggert accidentally awakes him in 1983 while she investigates his followers. Double whoops. Like most mummies raised from the dead, he’s rather grumpy and promptly sets his eyes on conquering the world and getting rid of all mutants who disagree. Yup, he’s a charmer. But thankfully, the X-Men are there to stop him.


8.  The Mummy (1932)

Get ready for The Shack attack

We just had to pay homage to this 1932 flick that started the mummy genre all by itself. Its plot actually inspired the 1999 film with the same name, and the story in this version is quite poignant. Imhotep gets awoken by archeologists, and promptly escapes, looking for his lost love. (The escape scene is hilarious, by the way. He gently wakes up as the archaeologist sitting next to him completely breaks down in fits of hysterical laughter.) Imhotep then sheds his linens to pass off as a normal Egyptian man, and ultimately finds a woman whom he is convinced is his lover’s reincarnation. But is she really?