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Interview: Bruce is back for Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2!



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The days are getting colder, the nights are drawing in and flesh-eating demons are walking the earth.  That’s right, baby; Ash and his gang are back to battle the Deadites in Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2, available exclusively On Demand to Virgin Media customers from Monday 3rd October.

In the brand new season, Ash (Bruce Campbell), he of the detachable chainsaw-arm and groovy gags, continues his battle to save the world from evil along with Pablo (Ray Santiago), the loyal sidekick taken hostage by the powers of the Necronomicon, and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), the recently orphaned evil ass-kicker, to fight off more Deadites after unleashing them on the world.

In order to save mankind from hell on Earth, the gang is forced to team up with Ruby (Lucy Lawless) in an unlikely alliance to battle Ash’s demons.

We sat down with Ash himself, Mr Bruce Campbell to find out everything you need to know about what’s in store for Season 2, Ash’s dad’s salty language, and the legend of Ashy Slashy:

Hi Bruce.  Where is Ash at the beginning of season 2?

Campbell: Well, we find Ash Season 2 having a pretty darn good time in the amazing city of Jacksonville, Florida.  Why he picked Jacksonville, Florida I couldn’t tell you.  Nothing against Jacksonville, I don’t see why it’s Ash’s favorite place.  But, hey, he’s very particular.  It’s because he’s never been there, that’s why.  He’s just seen the postcards.


What happened with Ruby? (Lucy Lawless)

He made a deal with Ruby to save his friends and to let him pass the baton and be done.  He’s effectively retired so we’re seeing Ash in flip-flops, and shorts, Hawaiian shirts having a pretty good time.  And let’s just say in this show pretty good times don’t last a long time.


Is he called back to Elk Grove?

Yes, Ash who was doing just fine in Jacksonville partying with the ladies, now he’s got to get serious again.  Go back to his hometown, which is not necessarily a good thing because he has a bit of a reputation in that particular town.  So it’s not like the college football hero going back.  Hey, Ash, hey, buy you a beer.  Uh, they have a much different, sort of almost an urban myth about him, the Ashy Slashy.

Gory, gory hallelujah, Ash is back

Gory, gory hallelujah, Ash is back


Tell us about the urban legend of Ashy Slashy

Many years ago Ash had an incident at a cabin in the woods.  It’s well-documented in a couple of Evil Dead movies.  It’s been horribly misinterpreted.  No one was there.  He’s the only guy to tell the story. He was too mentally disturbed by everything and so he left and he’s allowed people to have a very bad image of Ash as a killer, murderer.  He’s Ashy Slashy, the boomstick butcher with the chainsaw hand.  And so they’ve written songs about the guy, there are poems.

Could you recite the Ashy Slashy song for us?

I can try.  I’ll try to recite the Ashy Slashy song.  “Ashy Slashy, hatchet and saw, kiss the girls and make them thaw”.  No, no, no.  Ashy Slashy, what is it?  Takes your what?

Takes your head and skins you raw.

“Ashy Slashy takes your head and skins you raw.  Ashy Slashy, cuts out your tongue so you can’t yell or tell, or yell while you tell”.  Boy, it’s really catchy obviously as you can tell.

What do Kelly and Pablo think of Elk Grove?

Well, I know Pablo is probably very disturbed by Elk Grove.  He’s disturbed by my father, Brock (played by TV legend Lee Majors).  My father immediately thinks he’s an illegal alien, so that doesn’t go over real well, and he hits on Kelly and he is 75 now so that doesn’t go over real well. They’re fascinated though, I think for them to get to know where is Ash from - what is, what were, what shaped him as a person?  And they’re going to find out.


Lee Majors plays Ash’s father, Brock.

Lee Majors plays Ash’s father, Brock.


Describe Brock

This guy is bad.  He’s really bad. I’ve seen how through my generations, like how my grandfather used to have really saucy bad racist language and then my own dad kind of stopped all that.  There was a generational shift and they went, maybe we shouldn’t call people these horrible slang terms all the time?  What do you say, should we try something different?  But Ash’s dad, he originates that stuff. 

And the cool thing is that these words are coming out of Lee Majors’ mouth.  And to me, it’s just television heaven.  When we knew that we got Lee Majors I’m like game over.

Who do you think should play Ash’s mum?

I mean I want Lynda Carter to play his mom.  Now we’re getting somewhere, Wonder Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man, geez. 

What do fans have to look forward to with Ash in Season 2?

Season 2 is going to bring more of the same because we found out what they want.  It’s a really weird genre, horror-comedy: you don’t usually combine those.  There is not a lot of horror-comedy running around out there.  So I would say for anyone who doesn’t know it come for the gore, stay for the comedy or vice versa, you know come for the comedy, stay for the gore; that’s what we’re hoping that we’re offering a multilevel form of entertainment. 


Ash Vs Evil Dead: Multilevel entertianment

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Multilevel entertianment

And you know what?  It’s short.  It’s a half hour. You got to leave them wanting more.  You got to.  They [the viewers] need to have carnage, mayhem, and a couple of good one-liners.  And so, Ash will probably by the end of this run of this show, he’ll have more one-liners than you can dream of.


How would you describe the show to somebody that has never seen it?

Uh, to Aunt Milly I, I would say, “Uh, buckle up because Ash Vs Evil Dead is a crazy wild ride.” 


Thanks Bruce!


Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2 comes to On Demand on Monday 3rd October, just one day after it airs in the States, and a new episode will be added to the service each Monday. In the meantime, all of season 1 is available for you to feast on now!