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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



It was the week when Selasi left the Bake Off (sob!) and literally everything crashed into everything else on Emmerdale (argh!). 




Tate’s Not Bovvered

You know when someone’s dad tries to make a joke to impress their kid’s friends, but they get it wrong and everyone suddenly wants to die? This is that, but with Catherine Tate, on BBC Breakfast.


Going Ape

Tate-gate came just days after the same exact pair of BBC presenters dealt with a bit of a boo-boo involving Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Prepare to splutter into your tea.


Brick Bregg Bashes Bremoaners

Staying with politics, and since “Brexit” wasn’t an ugly enough word, here’s Nick Clegg inventing some even uglier ones. Branks a lot, Brick.


Unexpected GBBO Host Audition Of The Week

Right, the arguments over who should take over as Bake Off presenter can stop now. Selasi is clearly a shoo-in.

The Great British Bake Off is available to watch in Catch Up on BBC iPlayer


Best Celebrity Kiss of the Year

So here’s John Barrowman properly snogging Gino D’Acampo, and just TRY telling us the TV chef wasn’t enjoying it more than he might admit…

Celebrity Juice is available to watch in Catch Up on ITV Hub


Order, order!

Our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, made an actual saucy joke in Parliament this week. And everyone was absolutely delighted.


Best Horrendous Car Smash Ever

And finally… Ever wondered what a mash-up between Casualty and Final Destination would look like? Here’s Emmerdale with the answer. (If you haven’t seen this, seriously, watch it all. It’s the best all-out carnage in British soap history.)

Emmerdale is available to watch in Catch Up on ITV Hub

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