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10 things we want to see in the new Gilmore Girls

10 things we want to see in the new Gilmore Girls



Can you believe it’s almost been a decade since we had our last fix of the Gilmore Girls? After months of hype and speculation, the four-part reboot will finally be arriving on Netflix, ready to binge-watch in its entirety on 25th November. Each episode will be set in a different season in the picturesque small-town of Stars Hollow, kicking off with winter.

While the trailer has hinted at a few things, we’re still full of questions. Are Lorelai and Luke actually, properly, 100 percent together? Is Sookie still hilarious? And what’s Rory’s relationship status? Here’s the 10 things we want – or rather, need – to see…


The Theme Song

It’s not the Gilmore Girls without the earnestly optimistic ‘Where You Lead we will follow’ opening each episode and getting us in the mood for Lorelai’s wisecracks. While we’re expecting a slightly jazzier version of the Carole King classic, we don’t want anything too jazzy. And it has to run just long enough so we can get comfy.



We’ve grown to love and loathe these characters for almost 10 years, so we’ve got some major nostalgia cravings. To sate them we need kitchen catastrophes from Sookie, assurance that Michel's Celine Dion obsession is still going strong, dinner at Luke’s diner, and as many traditional tidbits as the makers can cram in.


A nod to Richard Gilmore

A very notable absence in the cast will be the late Edward Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore, Rory’s granddad. If the Netflix trailer is anything to go by he certainly hasn’t been forgotten – because Emily’s commissioned a wall-sized portrait of him that’s both spectacularly naff and charmingly poignant. Aww.


Lorelai and Luke happily married

Since season 4, Lorelai and Luke’s relationship was up and down like a lift at the Holiday Inn. In fact, their will-they-won’t-they antics made Ross and Rachel look like a shining example of domestic stability. When we left them they’d reconciled, but are they finally enjoying some hard-won marital bliss?


Sookie St. James

One person who championed the Loreluke pairing was fan favourite Sookie – Lorelai’s bubbly and butter-fingered best friend. A lot of fans initially worried that Melissa McCarthy wouldn’t reprise her role (since she’s now a Hollywood bigshot), but there she was in the trailer, having another accident.


Rory and Logan – did it definitely end?

Nothing divides fans like Rory’s love life and her potential suitors, but many of us quite liked Logan and his Californian dreams. We last saw him proposing to her at graduation (before being blown out), but where is he now? Does Rory still hold a flame for him?


Rory and Jess?

If one person isn’t rooting for the Logan thing to happen, it’s Jess. Archetypal bad boy turned hipster writer, he eventually got his life together – and he’s probably released a few more books by now too. Will he and Rory ever be a thing again? We want closure on that chapter.


Lorelai’s quirky one-liners

Whether it’s an answer, an observation, or a glorious comeback, Lorelai’s witty and daft one-liners were always a highlight. Lest we forget classics like “I’m attracted to pie, but it doesn’t mean I feel the need to date pie”, and her stance on marzipan: “It’s a unique substance unto itself, like Velveeta or plutonium'


Kirk being a grown-up

Despite being kind-hearted, quirky Kirk was always the show’s undisputed oddball. We last saw him happily in love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend Lulu. By now we’re hoping he’s married, got a stable job, and a few kids to build cereal box forts with.


Town meetings

Taylor Doose’s town meetings were a staple of Stars Hollow, and wonderfully showcased the town’s weird and wonderful residents. But how are they post-Noughties? Is Taylor still in charge? Is that wooden room still the same? We’ll have to wait until November to find out…

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life comes to Netflix on Friday 25th November

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