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Fantastic movie beasts and where to find them

Fantastic movie beasts and where to find them



Thunderbirds. Mooncalfs. Occamies. Erumpents. The Harry Potter universe’s already pretty magnificent menagerie of monsters is about to get a whole lot bigger, with Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. To celebrate this week’s grand opening of Newt Scamander’s naughty little suitcase, we investigate moviedom’s beastly best in show. 

Niffler (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, 2016)

…and where to find them: In wizard Newt Scamander’s briefcase, which was last spotted being recklessly opened in New York City. This ridiculously cute platypus-like creature has a rather inconvenient habit of stealing all the shiny things, and that includes all of its scenes in this movie.

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The Balrog (The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, 2001)

…and where to find them: The few remaining number of these enormous, satanic-looking fire-demons reside in the ‘caverns at the roots of Middle-Earth’ – unless the gold-greedy dwarves accidentally unleash them with their mining. Once out-and-about, they’re pretty much indestructible unless you’ve got a wizard handy to do his ‘angry head doorman’ act for you. “You shall not pass!”

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King Kong (King Kong, 2005)

…and where to find them: When not in his natural habitat of Skull Island, you’ll find him out on the town in New York City, on the hunt for a spot of holiday romance and taking in the main tourist sites and sights. Our big hairy lug likes: romantic moonlit icescapades in the park with damaged blondes. Dislikes: Broadway shows, monoplanes. 


Godzilla (Godzilla, 2014)

…and where to find them: Usually near the coast - like San Francisco or Tokyo – this megalithic megasaurus likes to combine his twin hobbies of destroying all monsters and redesigning iconic city skylines. The King of Monsters has a slight problem with his ‘atomic’ breath. We wouldn’t mention it to him.


HippoGriffs (Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, 2013)

…and where to find them: With the front-half of an eagle and the back end of a horse, respect is due. No, seriously: if you don’t give a HippoGriff a stately bow, you’ll find yourself getting patched up by Mrs Pomfrey in Hogwarts’ hospital wing. Your best bet for a safe(-ish) encounter is Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class, where you can learn the proper way to treat these majestic bird-mares.


Cloverfield (Cloverfield, 2007)

…and where to find them: In New York City, gatecrashing our hero’s leaving party. After trashing the apartment – and indeed taking a big chunk out of the Big Apple in the process – old Clover gets into a row with the law and leaves a nasty case of fleas behind. There’s always one, isn’t there?

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Great Leonopteryx (Avatar, 2009)

…and where to find them: On Pandora, where these ‘flying king lions’ rule the skies and are a crucial figure in the Na’vi mythology. They’re a bit bad tempered but then so would you be if people kept trying to jump on your back and ‘bond’ with you without so much as a ‘hello’.


The Indominus Rex (Jurassic World, 2015)

…and where to find them: On Isla Nubular – or Jurassic World – where it’s going to be the new headline attraction, putting tourists’ hearts in their mouths. Unfortunately this genetic bouillabaisse – part T-Rex, part-Raptor, part Tree Frog – has all its astute ultra-hunting primal senses fixed on putting a lot more than just tourists’ hearts into its own gigantic gob. 

Falkor the Luckdragon (The Neverending Story, 1984)

…and where to find them: In the magical-imagination land of Fantasia, this big shaggy flying carpet-dog is the only way to travel, especially when adults’ cynicism is threatening to tear it all apart. Also quite handy for attacking bullies.


Rancor (Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi, 1984)

…and where to find them: In Jabba’s palace on Tatooine where, better than the green dancing girls and the Max Rebo Band, the best entertainment in town is watching Jabba feed hapless victims to his pet Piranha-saurus Rex, which looms in the huge pit hidden under Jabba’s throne. When it died we were nearly as upset as his trainer.


Mogwai (Gremlins, 1984)

…and where to find them: In Mr Wing’s curiosity shop in Chinatown, where this cute little floofball is waiting to be haphazardly sold to whichever moron offers cash for it. Failure to adhere to any of the very strict rules (no sunlight, no water, no food after midnight) will result in the new owner quickly realising that Mogwais are just for Christmas and not for your short little life…


Sharktopus (Sharktopus, 2010)

…and where to find them: In inexpensive made-for-TV flicks. These genetically mutated military monsters are half-shark, half-octopus and all cheap special effects. Having bust loose of their creators, this spear-tentacled Jaws is now terrorising scantily clad beach babes. You’re gonna need a smaller screen.


Kaiju (Pacific Rim, 2013)

…and where to find them: Apocalypse wow! On the other side of the inter-dimensional portal that’s torn into the Pacific Ocean, where these skyscraper-sized war-monsters – actually bioweapons designed to soften up humanity for our future alien overlords – occasionally get spat out into the Earth to furiously renovate the planet’s major coastal cities. We’d suggest not trying to pet this one… unless you’ve got a heavily armed exoskeleton the size of Liverpool.


Kraken (Clash of the Titans, 2010)

…and where to find them: Being unleashed on the Greek coast by the vengeful Gods, where this monster with legs of a spider, tentacles of an octopus, and the temperament of Donald Trump’s Twitter account at 3am subsists on a steady stream of virgin sacrifices, heavily fortified sea towns and mortal mankind’s total fear.


Graboids (Tremors, 1990)

…and where to find them: Out in the dusty middle of Perfection, Nevada, where they live mainly on a diet of handymen and hapless shepherds. These huge, horrible, beaky killer worms can pick up the slightest movement on the ground above them, where they promptly launch out of the earth to harass the locals. Bad vibes, man. Bad vibes.