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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



What’s worse – seeing Donald Trump in the Oval Office, or Gregg Wallace’s sex face? You decide…




We Feel You, Kid

Watching Planet Earth II, we didn’t expect to see one of the cute animals pulling the EXACT face a human being would have at 7.30am on a Monday morning.

Planet Earth II is available to watch in Catch Up on BBC iPlayer


Oddest Media Outrage of the Week

Here’s Cookie Monster, wearing a poppy on The One Show. Some people thought this was very disrespectful, but one person on Twitter did come to the esteemed Muppet’s defence, saying “I think the #cookiemonster is the kind of person who would gladly wear a #poppy.” Yes. We think he is that kind of person too.


Carry On Eating

Meanwhile, on MasterChef, a man is excited by custard.

MasterChef is available to watch in Catch Up on BBC iPlayer


Snakes on a Plain

Back on Planet Earth II, we had one baby iguana vs an army of hungry snakes, in a scene that puts most Hollywood action movies to shame. Just remember to breathe.


Worst. Customer. Ever.

This week in The Apprentice: woman barges into grocery shop and demands African soap. It’s the poor guy who works there we feel sorry for.

The Apprentice is available to watch in Catch Up on BBC iPlayer


Most Surreal Meeting of the Century

Here’s Donald sitting in the Oval Office with Barack Obama, because we’re now evidently living in a cross between South Park and The Simpsons.


Well played, BBC. Well played

And we close with Newsnight cheekily trolling a Conservative MP last week. Glorious.

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