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The funniest Key & Peele moments

The funniest Key & Peele moments



Hang on to your anger translators! Comedy legends Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele have finally brought their unique humour to the big screen with their new feature film Keanu. It’s all about an adorable kitten, (called Keanu) which gets kidnapped by gangsters. The two play best friends who try to get the pet back. If you’re thinking shoot-outs and lots and lots of George Michael songs, you’ve got it. And you can now watch it on Virgin Movies  on On Demand > Movies.

In the meantime, we thought we’d take a look at the pairs’ best work so far. And believe it or not, it ranges from working with the President of the United States to creating the most random humour on TV ever. So don’t get too close to that bowl of marbles, and read on:

1. Marbles

Speaking of those marbles… nothing showcases Key & Peele’s surreal type of humour better than this video. What if, on your first day at a very serious new job, you all of a sudden got obsessed with a shiny, shiny jar full of the stuff ? This sketch is both completely nonsensical and completely hilarious.


2. Gay wedding advice

Stereotypes get mercilessly unravelled in this family meeting. Nope, no gay anthems will be played at the church, guys. Sorry to disappoint.


3. Fargo

Fargo is a brilliant, tense show that kept us on the edge of our seats right until its last episode. Key & Peele pop up as two hapless FBI agents at a crucial moment in the series, and it’s just an awesome surprise. Their storyline carries across a few episodes, and works perfectly with the show’s acidic sense of humour.


4. Barack Obama’s Anger Translator

Luther, the Obama Anger translator is one of Key & Peele’s most popular characters: he says what the typically restrained president really means. So it was a real treat to see Keegan-Michael Key invited to the White House Correspondent’s dinner to do the act with the real deal. Though as it turns out, Obama maybe doesn’t actually need an anger translator…


5.  Obama Meet & Greet

The idea for Luther actually originated from Jordan Peele doing really awesome Obama impressions. He gets his voice juuuust right. This sketch was inspired by something the duo claim they’ve observed the US president doing.


6. Soul Food

Ever sat in a restaurant with someone trying to out-order you? If yes, you’ll relate to this one. Two colleagues get competitive trying to ask for the most authentic soul food possible. Watching this, you’ve got to give kudos to Key & Peele’s props department, who actually went and made a likeness of the ridiculous things the two include in their final requests.


7. Gideon’s Kitchen

Sometimes watching Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen can get a little too stressful, and Key & Peele have hit the nail on the head as to why. Honestly, that music toys with our feelings like nobody’s business.


8. My Best Friend

In case you were wondering, this is the face you make when your best bro serenades you about your friendship…and tells you he thinks you’re his apprentice.


9. Slow Brotion

Wouldn’t life look so much cooler if we slow-moed everything? As it turns out, no, not really. But, you’ve got to admire how beautifully choreographed this clip is.


10. Duelling Hats

Here’s a sketch that’ll have you rip the labels off your clothes without further ado. The two here make fun of the trend of leaving product tags and stickers on caps - and take it a step or two further than you might imagine.