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Trailer: Get transported to Mars

Trailer: Get transported to Mars



We will see mankind on Mars in our lifetime. This is a fact – it’s not a question of if we go to Mars, it’s a matter of when.

So the Academy Award winning team of Brian Grazer and Ron Howard have partnered with the greatest scientific minds in space exploration to visually craft humanity’s next great and urgent mission: the story of how we go to and settle on Mars.

And that story is coming to National Geographic  on Sunday 13th November at 9pm, as Mars, a brand new, six-part global event series, is launched.

Weaving a narrative through present-day documentary and leaping forward into an incredible future, which may be as ambitious as it is necessary, Mars showcases the dramatic setbacks and successes of the modern scientific space revolution, while envisioning humankind’s first attempt to colonise the distant planet.

And, over the course of the six episodes spanning both space and time, Mars visionaries like Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse Tyson navigate us through mankind’s ongoing efforts to make the awe-inspiring voyage and colonisation of Mars a reality.

Want to see more? Check out the trailer below.

Mars starts on Sunday 13th November at 9pm on National Geographic .

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