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10 festive family films you can watch right now


With the holidays just around the corner, there are three things you need to take care of: First, there has to be enough food to send everyone in a food coma. Secondly, the gifts should be refundable. Lastly, the entertainment options need to please all.  Fear not our festive friends, because we've got you covered on that end with a selection of films guaranteed to bring glee to both kids and adults.


1.  Ice Age: Collision Course

The odd gang of Ice Age returns like a cluster of asteroids, which incidentally, is the threat they must face in their latest escapade. Manny, Sid and Diego are joined by a dazzling assembly of talent, including the return of mad weasel of mystery Buck, voiced by Simon Pegg. Look out for a hilarious interjection by Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining all the science bits.

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2.  Zootropolis

Kids and adults will fall in love with Zootropolis in a matter of minutes. A cute bunny becomes a cop in the big city and with the help of a con artist fox, uncovers a sinister plot aiming to disrupt the peace. Voiced (adorably) by Ginnifer Goodwin and (foxily) by Jason Bateman, this film warms your heart while offering some legitimate thrills.

Zootropolis is available on Sky Cinema from 24th December


3. Kung Fu Panda 3  

This will surely charm your Christmas socks off. Jack Black returns as Po and prepare for a Panda cuteness overload as he is re-united with his father. They all travel to a secret Panda community where Po has to teach everyone Kung Fu to battle the evil yak named Kai, voiced brilliantly by Oscar winner J.K. Simmons.

Kung Fu Panda 3 is available on Sky Cinema from 27th December


4.  Finding Dory

Finding Nemo has become a classic film you can enjoy with your family over and over and it's a safe bet that Finding Dory, will follow suit. Dory's memory improves, leading her on a quest to find her family and belly aching ensues as jokes are delivered in signature DeGeneres style and the value of family becomes a lesson in this aquatic adventure.

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5.  The Secret Life Of Pets

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your home when your pet is left to its own devices? A whole lot happens, according to The Secret Life Of Pets. Louis CK is the dog whose life is disrupted when his owner brings home another pet, voiced by Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet. Whether you are a pet owner or not, this un-missable film will tickle your funny bone but if you are a pet owner, we suggest you invest in some home cameras to keep a close eye on your beloved fluffy friends.. just in case.

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6.  The BFG 

If anyone can bring a staple of our childhood to the big screen, it's Steven Spielberg. Which he does in spectacular fashion, honouring a story that has sparked the imagination of countless children over the years. With remarkable CGI and the attention to detail that Spielberg is known for, The BFG is everything you wanted it to be.

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7.  The Angry Birds Movie

When Angry Birds became the fad of the moment, no one could have predicted that a few years later we would be blessed with a side-splitting film, easily enjoyed both by kids and adults. Yet, here we are, or more accurately we are on the island where the birds live peacefully, and we finally find out what makes them so freaking angry. Spoiler alert: it's pigs!

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8. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Here is a holiday movie ticking all the right boxes: a stellar cast, with Michael Caine and of course the Muppets, the re-telling of a classic Christmas tale and loads of infectious songs! Gather the family and enjoy this magical gem for some good old-fashioned holiday spirit.

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9.  Home Alone

Speaking of good old-fashioned holiday spirit, another classic worth revisiting is none other than Home Alone, a film that captured the heart of millions way back in 1990. What better time to introduce Kevin McCallister to the ones in your family too young to know him and his epicness.

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10.  The Grinch

No holiday list would be complete if it didn't include an appearance from The Grinch. Dr Seuss's classic character is brought to life by Jim Carrey who was reportedly trained in techniques of withstanding torture by a CIA agent in order to deal with the uncomfortable suit he had to wear while filming. All for your holiday enjoyment. Talk about commitment to the Christmas spirit!

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