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11 reasons we want to move to Zootropolis right now

11 reasons we want to move to Zootropolis right now



Zootropolis, coming this December to Sky Cinema, is full of wonderful things, not least the extraordinary city that gives the film its name. All sorts of different species coexist in this metropolis-theme-park-utopia, and we loved discovering the place while following Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in their crime-solving adventures. And we’re not going to lie. We sort of wish we could just up and move to Disney’s creation. Here’s a bunch of reasons why:

1. The food looks amazing

Gorgeous donuts! Humongous ice-creams! Thanks to the hundreds of different species living in town, the food scene is just bound to be huge and interesting and delicious.


2. Those awesome Gazelle gigs

Sure, Zootropolis appears to only have one recording artist in business, but boy is Gazelle’s music good. Her gigs look like a lot of fun, and we’d love to be able to attend these, like, all the time.


3. The trains are exciting


We do love a modern train that runs on time. Just look at this one! It’s even got a glass-panelled roof so that you can check out the scenery in all of its glory.


4. The districts

But we haven’t yet mentioned one of the coolest things about Zootropolis. The city is made of several, very different, neighbourhoods. Each is host to a different type of climate so that all of its inhabitants can live comfortably in the temperature area they prefer. In other words, living in this city would be just like being able to travel the world anytime. Who’s complaining? Not us.


5. The districts (again)

And if that wasn’t enough, there are also districts that adjust for size. Whatever height you are, you’ll always find an area that works for you. We think that’s rather cool.


6. The design 

In order to make the city’s shared utilities functional for everyone, its design is brilliantly innovative. Tiny doors? Super-fast driers for animals who prefer to travel in water? Giraffe serving stations? Zootropolis has it all covered.


7. Everyone seems to like a good pop culture reference

Not only are the inhabitants generally friendly, but they’ve also got a great sense of humour. Even the gangsters. This one, for instance, has ironically stolen his look from The Godfather series. And we do love a good pop culture joke.


8. These two

We’re not quite sure why, but we heart these TV anchors like nobody’s business. They manage to look remarkably serious yet be quite funny all at once.


9. There’s a great scene for dancing

Like dancing? This is your place. There’s always time for some moves in Zootropolis.


10. And the inhabitants are always ready for a hug

Remember how we said the inhabitants were really friendly? Well, they also love hugs. If you’re having a down day, you’re bound to get a random hug from someone (in an entirely non-creepy way!)


11. Then there’s the DMV

Okay, so every silver lining has its cloud, and the one thing we’re not particularly keen on in Zootropolis is that the Department of Motor Vehicles is run so slowly. However, while we know that we’ll have to spend hours there whenever we go, at least the sloth staff are friendly. And we’ve got a pro tip: Flash is the guy to go to.