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Billy & Billie – a new Virgin TV Exclusive!

Billy & Billie – a new Virgin TV Exclusive!



We’ve already brought customers exclusive Box Sets of Kingdom, Ash Vs Evil Dead and Magic City… and now Full House (formerly XL) subscribers can watch Billy & Billie, our new Virgin TV Exclusive!


What’s this?

The start of a new relationship can be a difficult enough path to navigate, but imagine it with the added pitfall of going out with your step-sibling. Billy and Billie find themselves ducking and diving along said path in this hilarious new anti-romcom.

So they’re going out? But they’re related?

Before you look down your nose and raise your eyebrows, they aren’t blood relatives. While the idea touches on the taboo, the actual show is much more conventionally funny. The opening scene goes from the morning after the night before… to a toilet that won’t flush.


Who’s Billy and who’s Billie?

Adam Brody – lovely Seth Cohen from The O.C. – plays Billy. His step-sister slash lover Billie is Lisa Joyce, who you may have seen in Insecure and Law & Order.


And the brains behind it?

It’s from provocative playwright Neil LaBute, who also wrote and directed In The Company Of Men and The Shape Of Things.

Explain this anti-romcom business…

It’s a new trend that kisses goodbye to happy-ever-after love stories, and ushers in a generation of lovers who are allergic to commitment and use dating apps like they do oxygen. Romance isn’t dead, it’s just had an update.


Where can I watch it?

Only on Virgin TV! It’s available exclusively in the UK for Full House TV customers. 

Find season 1 now in On Demand > Box Sets > Billy & Billie

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