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Telly highlights of the week


Pip Schofield experiencing the fright of his life, and Ben Mitchell getting embarrassingly drunk were among the highlights that made us laugh and cringe this week…





Best Inexplicable Green Man of the Year

Way to almost give Schofield a heart attack, bizarre green-suited jumping-out-of-box man.

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Worst Forced Moment of the Week

Piers Morgan greeting Ian Wright like he’s some kind of earthbound god has to rank among the most weirdly uncomfortable TV experiences of the year.


And the Award for Rubbish Drunk Acting Goes To…

Memo to EastEnders bosses: never, ever let the guy playing Ben Mitchell play drunk again. Our spines can’t take this much cringe.

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Not-So-Loose Barrowman

It was all fun and games when John Barrowman came onto Loose Women covered in bubble wrap. But taken out of context in this gif, it does look a lot like he’s been put in a straightjacket while having a nervous breakdown…

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The Jeremy Kyle Spelling Bee

How do you spell “truth”? Well? HOW DO YOU SPELL IT?


Orange Gin and Tonic, Anyone?

Orange gin? Bad. Pitch descends into a geography lesson? Even badder.

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