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Telly highlights of the week


From a crotch malfunction on First Dates to yet another techie blunder on ’Enders…


A Wee Problem 

Some first date rules to live by: try to be polite, try to be witty, and try not to urinate all over yourself for no good reason. 
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Most Weepy-Eyed Moment of the Week


Meanwhile, Planet Earth II showed us adorable baby turtles crawling to near-certain death on a busy road, and it was basically the first scene of Saving Private Ryan, only with adorable baby turtles instead of soldiers. One tweet described the reaction of a nation…

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Walliams Flashes His Buns


On the Royal Variety Performance, David Walliams delivered his bold pitch to become the next presenter of Bake Off…

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EastEnders Internet Fail #2657 


Poor old EastEnders can’t catch a break when it comes to showing people use everyday technology. The other week we had someone not using Snapchat properly, and now we’ve got Ronnie trying to book a cottage online. Except, as some viewers pointed out, this is a 600-year-old cottage which belonged to Shakespeare’s wife, and is therefore unlikely to be available for a holiday let. (Even more far-fetched is the idea of booking ANY cottage just weeks before Christmas…)

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Mistletoe and Mime

And finally, old man does very bad job of karaoke before an adoring crowd. Isn’t that sweet?

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