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7 gifs you’ll need after watching La La Land


La La Land is that rarest of beasts – a mega-hyped, awards-gobbling cinematic freight train that somehow lives up to expectations and - if you’re of the romantic persuasion in particular - surpasses them.

With the all-singing, all-dancing, all-swooning musical drama out in cinemas right about now, the chances are that you’re (a) about to see it and become an instant fan, (b) have already seen it and are about to book in for your second/third/thirteenth viewing, or (c) are dead inside.  No matter which category you fall into, you’re going to need these romantic, beautiful gifs in your life – and not just for your La La Land gushing; they’re useful in every life situation.


The Snog 


For Film Fans: This gif isn’t quite what it appears on first view. Once you’ve seen the movie, this is your moment to relive all the ups, the downs, the dramz, and more than likely, the tears. ALL THE FEELS.

For Life Situations: A good friend’s just done you a favour? Send them this gif. A utility provider’s given you a refund? Send them this gif. It’s Valentine’s Day? Send literally anyone this gif.


The Sass


For Film Fans: The moment where it all changes for Emma Stone’s struggling actress Mia is the night her friends convince her to put on her glad-rags and head out to a swanky Hollywood party. Sass and style in one dress-swishing movement.

For Life Situations: You’ve spent hours getting ready for a big night out, you’ve cranked up the dance choons, and you are ready to partaaaaaaay.


The Dance-Duel 


For Film Fans: The duo’s big Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire moment is a bewitching, charm-fest full of flirty antagonism and toe-tapping teasing.

For Life Situations: When you want to make a statement (like ending an online argument etc) using nothing but a synchronised tap point.


The Smile In The Crowd 


For Film Fans: Even when life starts to get a little crazy-pants, this one silent moment between Sebastian and Mia strikes at the connection between the pair. All a bit adorbs, really.

For Life Situations: When all about you are losing their Twitter heads (i.e., everyone’s shouting at each other about that day’s inflammatory argument), and you see a rational, coherent and balanced tweet calling for calm or just sheer logic, this one singular gif can sum up your thanks.


The Failed Audition 


For Film Fans: Mia’s audition has gone badly. Really rather spectacularly badly. She is not best pleased.

For Life Situations: When you leave the office after a totally, totally rubbish day at work. This. Just this.


Floating On Air


For Film Fans: A romantic night out takes on an other-worldly feel as Mia and Sebastian transcend the laws of physics to literally dance amidst the stars. Sounds schmaltzy, is actually kinda beautiful.

For Life Situations: When you’ve just got home after a pretty darn amazing first date/just had a hottie swipe right for you on Tinder.


The Fist Pump


For Film Fans: Sebastian introducing Mia to the thing he loves most in life (jazz) is very cute. His steadfast, impassioned conviction in championing its cause is even more so.

For Life Situations: Pretty much anytime you’re winning at life. When the pizza guy arrives at your door when you’re hungover, when you get a free coffee from the flirty barista at your local cafe etc etc.