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Exclusive interview with Inferno's Felicity Jones


You can’t move for Felicity Jones at the moment, and that’s no bad thing.  Not only did she sweep everyone off their feet as Jane Hawking in A Theory Of Everything, but she sparked a rebellion as the defiant Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and made us weep buckets as the terminally ill mum in A Monster Calls. 

And that’s not forgetting her scene-stealing role as ER doctor Sienna Brooks, the brainy boffin who gets caught up in Robert Langdon’s latest adventure in Inferno, the latest chapter in the Da Vinci Code saga, which explodes on to Virgin Movies from Monday 20th February.

After helping an amnesiac Langdon (Tom Hanks) escape from an Italian hospital, Sienna and Robert find themselves in a race against time before a deadly virus is unleashed upon the world.  But who is behind the virus, and what does it have to do with Dante’s Inferno?

Before you break open your Big Book of Symbols and reading inscriptions backwards to figure out the mystery, check out our exclusive interview with Felicity below, where we ask her about playing Dr Sienna Brooks, her favourite scenes, and her fear of heights!


Inferno is available to rent on Virgin Movies from Monday 20th February.

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