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Telly highlights of the week


From rampant buses to Piers Morgan being made to be quiet for once, there were shocking moments galore on the tellybox this week.

Will you Piers shut Up?

“Just enjoying this moment,” she says, speaking for the entire known universe.

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Best terrifying disaster of the week

EastEnders gave us the doof-doof moment to beat all doof-doof moments this week. After all, Dirty Den serving those divorce papers by the stairs has nothing on a GIANT BUS IN YOUR FACE.

Give us a lift


It’s nice to see the citizens of Walford band together to lift that bus, but we all know Danny Dyer could have done it single-handed, due to his royal awesomeness.

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Schofield wins everything, again


Twitter went into predictable meltdown when Philip Schofield casually ignored an interview to look out at boats with a young boy. Deeply sweet and heartwarming, yes, but deeply unprofessional and he should arguably be fired immediately.

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Worst innuendos of the week

Bradley Walsh, losing it over some naughty-sounding words on The Chase? But that’s so out of character…

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Meanwhile, on Winterwatch, Michaela Strachan gets brushing her teeth very, very wrong.

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