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The 10 funniest Amy Schumer sketches

The 10 funniest Amy Schumer sketches


She’s a comedienne, actress and writer; she’s a brutally honest comic sensation, and she has a new stand-up special coming your way filled with fresh barbs about fame, dating and sex. Amy Schumer’s brand new, one-off stand-up show, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, is available to watch on Netflix now.

And if you've never seen Amy Schumer's sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, now is the time to go deep, with four complete seasons available now on Virgin Media. As a taster, we've dug out 10 of the best sketches from all four seasons of the show, and to put your mind at rest, they're all safe for work – believe us, non-sweary ones are harder to find than you might think...

Herpes scare

Paul Giamatti guest stars as a sweater-wearing deity who attempts to teach Amy a lesson about STDs after she contracts Herpes. Unfortunately Amy just isn't willing to meet Him halfway and will quite happily throw a small village in Uzbekistan under the bus if she can just be given the all-clear. “I've got to stop making so many white girls,” He mutters.


This smart pastiche of the humble American sitcom really hits the mark – how many shows have you seen where the basic premise is “fat guy jokes about his own weight” or “hot woman is clueless”?

Say fine to the shirt

A hilarious gender-swapped version of makeover montage classic Say Yes To The Dress, with Justin Long as the bored boyfriend who really couldn't care less about buying “another 'nother shirt”. The level of excitement men show when clothes shopping is captured perfectly by Long's thousand-yard stare and general disinterest.

Girl, you don't need makeup

A pitch-perfect send-up of One Direction that'll have you humming its tune for weeks. It's a fun twist on the “Girl, You're Beautiful” sub-genre of pop, where we discover just how clueless men are when it comes to what constitutes makeup, and what exactly it's covering up. Choice line: “Get up an hour earlier / And make yourself much girlier”.

Multiple personalities

Schumer highlights a plot hole in cop shows featuring people with multiple personalities: what if they can't do accents? There's a smorgasbord of terrible accent attempts in this short sketch, including but not limited to: a British woman (“She sounds like a chimney sweep!”), a four-year-old girl and an Asian/Jamaican lady whose testimony might be able to solve a murder if only the police could understand what she was saying.

Mom computer therapy

We've all been there: trying to explain to a parent exactly how a computer works. But nobody understands the pain. We know what “drag and drop” means. We take it for granted. But Moms don't get it. They think in binary. They use their computers as lamps. And explaining how to sync an iPod? You might as well be teaching them Esperanto.

You can't go in there

A cute sketch that showcases Schumer's comic chops, in which she plays a 70s-style secretary instructed not to let anyone into her boss's office. It's essentially the same gag repeated over and over but there are some great touches, such as the words Amy spells out as she bashes one guest's head into her typewriter.

Love your smile

How can Amy receive more votes in “Who Wore It Best?” By working on her smile. Teaming up with her colleague's “Smile Guy” (aka Parks & Rec's awful dentist Jeremy Jamm), Amy works on perfecting her smile ahead of the Golden Globes. It turns out she has being trying too hard this whole time: a simple overbite was all she needed.

Bachelorette party disaster

A simple gag that gets funnier and funnier the more the sketch progresses. Schumer plays a police officer divulging the grisly details of an accident where a Bachelorette party crashed into another Bachelorette party (“Onlookers who called 911 urged us to take our time”). The best slam is saved for last.

Chrissy Teigen, Couples Counselor

What chance would you have at a functional relationship if your couples counselor was a former Swimsuit Illustrated model? Amy finds out the hard way when she discovers Chrissy is handling her latest session. “How does that make you feel?” Teigen asks Amy after her boyfriend insults her looks. “That makes me feel unattractive... Chrissy Teigen,” a bemused Schumer replies.

Inside Amy Schumer seasons 1-4 is available to watch now. Find it in On Demand > Box Sets > Comedy