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The 9 Tina Fey gifs that are bound to make you giggle


If there’s one thing we can count on in this world, it’s Tina Fey making us laugh. The actor-writer-producer has got us giggling about just about everything, from teenage drama to the media industry to the travails of being a woman in the modern world. And now she’s back with Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, a feature film in which she portrays Kim Baker, a journalist who travels to Afghanistan to cover the war in order to escape the dreariness of her job. With the film now available to watch on Sky Cinema, we’re now sharing our top-secret collection of the very best of Tina Fey gifs. They have us laughing every. Single. Time. And we’re betting that they’ll soon have you chuckling too.


1.  We’re all socially awkward


Ahem. Just like Liz Lemon - the protagonist of Tina Fey’s epic show 30 Rock - we don’t always  know how to deal with emotionally charged situations. Especially if they involve grown men crying.

So please - don’t be cry.


2.  Sometimes the bare minimum is great


Oh, it’s just mad how well Tina knows us.  We’ve all had those days. So much goes wrong that it’s only the small facts of life that carry you through til you can get home and flop in front of the TV with a large bucket of ice-cream.

So still got your two thumbs? Yippee. Still don’t speak French? Great, you never needed to anyway. Made it through today so far without crying? Major pat on the back.


3.  The brownie husband our one and only love


Oh, brownie husband. We love you so much.  You simultaneously celebrate and mock our universal human obsession with all things chocolate. You are the significant other that we’ve all needed at some point in our lives (wouldn’t romantic disappointments be so much easier to deal with if we had this giant desert to cope?). And despite the fact that you are a brilliant spoof, Tina makes her sales pitch for you with remarkable gusto. And to that, we tip our hats.


4.  How we inevitably feel on Monday nights


Need we say more? We want to speak to pizza on the phone really pretty often too -  usually on a bleak week night.

Can pizza come over ASAP?


5.  When we meet our BFFs


The Tina Fey/Amy Poehler friendship is something we’ve been following ever since the pair met on Saturday Night Live, and we can’t help but grin along whenever the two are putting on a double act. Never has a friendship in Hollywood looked so heartfelt or hilarious, and it reminds us of the best times we’ve had with our own BFFs. Here’s to you, comedy sisters 4eva.


6.  Whatever this is!


 We don’t quite know what’s going on there. Probably Tina doesn’t either. But it’s funny as anything.

(Also, can we just say? We love that Tina can just hop between serious-ish political satire and crazy party slapstick comedy in the blink of an eye. You go, girl.)


7.  Sarah Palin


Tina’s Sarah Palin impressions during the presidential race of 2008 were nothing short of legendary. Seeing her in full costume doing this little dance just totally gets us - and maybe perhaps says something about the way world politics has gone in recent years.


8.  The face check


 Let’s face it: we’ve all, at some point, checked ourselves out in the reflection of a shop front. Or in the window of a bus or a car. (It was an emergency, we swear). And so we can’t really look down on Tina/Kim Baker for having a quick look-over in the camera, even if her backdrop - an Afghani election booth - makes the moment just priceless.


9.  And we’ve all been there


Tina really does truly understands our relationship to all things edible (and looking over at this series of gifs… it’s fair to say it’s probably a little dysfunctional).  We too sometimes talk to food. Food is our best friend. Food listens to everything we have to say without judging. Food is there for us when we need it. Thanks to you, food. (And to you too, Tina).

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is available from Sunday 22nd January on Sky Cinema