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TV’s most dysfunctional siblings


Within a family, there’s perhaps no relationship as complicated and varied as that of one between siblings. Hate them, love them, annoy them, brothers and sisters are like the friends that you never asked for and that will never leave you be (though sometimes that is a good thing). This is probably why the relationship makes for such great television drama. With Billy & Billie - a show that pretty much epitomises all that can be strange about brother/sisterhood - now available On Demand exclusively to TiVo customers with the Full House package, we’ve decided to round up our favourite weird and wonderful groups of siblings:


Ross and Monica Geller (Friends)


Ross and Monica Geller are undoubtedly the cutest and most celebrated of television siblings. And deservedly so. The two interacting together are hilarious, and we’re always entertained by how they struggle with their insecurities in their own parallel but not-too-dissimilar ways. Their dysfunctions too make for excellent gags: They keep dating each other’s best friends. They argue over their parents’ affection. They squabble, and yet end up living across the street from each other. They even accidentally kissed back in college (eww) both thinking the other was someone else. And when they team up, their complicity leads to glorious moments, like that super geeky dance routine in season six.


Dexter and Debra Morgan (Dexter)


Dexter and Debra Morgan’s relationship as siblings is mostly adorable. Socially awkward Dexter always comes through for his younger adoptive sister, giving her the support and advice she needs. And Debra is there in turn to guide Dexter through life’s most challenging endeavours (having a family of his own! Making friends!). And hey, they work together, which is kinda adorable. Except that, um, Dexter is a serial killer (of only bad guys, admittedly, but still). And when Debra finds out, their whole dynamic unravels and she ends up covering for him, in ways that she really regrets.

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Billy and Billie (Billy & Billie)


The whole premise of Billy & Billie is that its two titular characters are stepsiblings… who decide to start dating. Ahem. The show plays on the notion that while it’s not strictly weird for them to be together - they are two biologically unrelated adults - it’s still definitely weird. After all, the two have spent a number of years thinking of each other as family: they both, for instance, call the same parents ‘mom and dad’. And let’s just say that their friends and relatives don’t take the news of them being together so well, despite the fact that they sort of make a great couple. Yup, it’s all very messed up (and for us, rather diverting).

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Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break)


Most siblings might say that they’d go to the moon and back for each other, but no one exemplifies this level of intense commitment as well as Michael Scofield. When his brother Lincoln is unjustly sentenced to capital punishment for a crime he did not commit, Michael carefully plans to have himself interned as well, in order to help break his brother out of the maximum security prison. The two end up on the run for years, both from the government and from an evil mysterious organisation called The Company. Escaping the law isn’t quite your standard shared hobby, but hey, as Woody Allen would say: whatever works.

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Damon and Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)


There’s so much strange with the Damon and Stefan dynamic that we don’t even know where to begin. For starters, the two are vampires, and so are doomed to hang out forever. And despite their radically different temperaments and disagreements, they’ve implausibly managed to stay housemates for several centuries. It gets odder. Damon and Stefan have a bizarre tendency to fall in love with the same women over and over again… and we’re not even mentioning how they each periodically go on murderous vampirical rampages, which the other sibling has to rescue them from.

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The Bluths (Arrested Development)


Arrested Development is a show that is basically just about family dysfunction, and the dynamic between the Bluth siblings is simply hilarious. Poor honest Michael Bluth has to take over the family business when his father is put away in jail for fraud. On top of managing the family finances, Michael also attempts to get through to his silly siblings, all of whom rely on the company’s income -  from spoiled and extravagant Lindsay, failed magician Gob, to childish Buster. The hilariously horrible interactions among the four are something to behold.

Arrested Development is available to watch now on Netflix

Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)


Sam & Dean Winchester spend their time hunting down demons and attempting to save each other from eternal damnation. Just like any two brothers! Uh, not. But hey, in between all that hell-avoiding, their dynamic is rather sweet.


Sherlock and Mycroft (Sherlock)


Oh, how we love watching Mycroft and Sherlock hang out. The two clearly enjoy talking to each other: after all, no one else is as clever as either of them. But the positive in the relationship ends there. Mycroft appears to be running the British government single-handedly behind the scenes, and so is always trying to manipulate his brother into helping him. Meanwhile, Sherlock seems to despise his elder sibling’s boring institutional snobbery. But hey, deep down, they both care, in their weird, incomprehensible way. After all, Mycroft does try to pay off Watson to spy on his brother ‘because he’s worried.’


Dennis and Dee Reynolds (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia)


If It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the evil TV show twin of Friends, then Dennis & Dee Reynolds are the dark shadows of Ross & Monica Geller. Sure, no one in It’s Always Sunny is remotely a good person, and that’s the whole joy of the series. But Dennis and Dee take sibling disagreement to a whole new level. The two treat each other terribly, and pretty much just fight and insult each other non-stop. That is, unless they’re collaborating on one of their usual sordid schemes to make some quick money.

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Jessica Jones and Trish Walker (Jessica Jones)


Jessica Jones and Trish Walker are both best friends and adoptive sisters - but the one’s superpowers and the other’s celebrity get in the way of anything nearing a standard sibling relationship. Jessica makes a habit of royally ignoring her sister in order to keep her safe from the villains that she is fending off… naturally upsetting Trish, who is admittedly not the most cautious of individuals when it comes down to defending Jessica. The two do end up doing fun sister stuff together, like kidnapping criminal mastermind Kilgrave. Throw in a manipulative mother who only adopted Jessica in the first place for the publicity attention, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a rather complicated family.

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