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What to watch this week


Feeling peckish? Then chow down on some eggs and brains, Edwardian-style. It’s just one of the televisual delicacies awaiting us this week.


Further Back in Time for Dinner

Tuesday 24th January at 9pm on BBC Two (CH 102)


 Why you should watch: The Robshaws are back, and this time there’s brains for tea.

 Who or what are the Robshaws?: The delightfully sly and sardonic family we previously watched sampling life from the 50s onwards.

 And now?: Now they’re going back even further, to the Edwardian era, when they have to eat all kinds of gooey, strange, alien grub.

 Today’s specials: Mock turtle soup, scrambled eggs with brains, cold chicken in cream. Sounds like a hipster restaurant in East London, really.

 Look out for: Guest appearances from Monica Galetti and Chas and Dave. Because they exist in the same universe, apparently.

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Tuesday 24th January at 10pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)


Why you should watch: Because it’s a brand new Icelandic thriller, and we’re all suckers for those.

What’s the gist?: Tough female detective investigates grisly murder in Reykjavik. Classic Nordic Noir stuff.

How grisly?: A young ballerina is found hanged on the stage of the National Theatre. Who says going to the ballet is boring?

Best actor name of the week: Meet one of your stars: Steinunn Olina Porsteinsdottir.

What to expect: Shadowy streets, moody interrogations, and a new heroine we can all root for.

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The National Television Awards

Wednesday 25th January at 7.30pm on ITV (CH 103)


Why you should watch: We’ll probably get a glimpse of Poldark’s abs. Also, it’s the glitziest night in the British telly calendar.

Who’s hosting?: The affably motor-mouthed Dermot O’Leary.

Who might win things?: Aidan Turner, David Tennant, Michelle Keegan and Downtown Abbey (remember that?) are all up for gongs.

What HAS to win something: Bake Off. It deserves a proper send off or we’ll get mighty upset. 

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The Cult Next Door

Thursday 26th January at 9pm on BBC Two (CH 102)


Why you should watch: This is a truly eye-opening documentary about a cult in London which kept women in captivity for decades.

What’s the background?: In 2013, three women were rescued from a house in Brixton, bringing the existence of this bizarre cult to light.

What was their “ethos”?: It was based on the teachings of Chinese leader Chairman Mao, weirdly enough.

Who was the leader?: A sinister guru named Aravindan Balakrishnan.

What to expect: Interviews with eyewitnesses, including the leader’s own daughter, who only entered the outside world at the age of 30.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan’s American Hustler

Thursday 26th January at 10pm on History (CH )


Why you should watch: Ronnie the Rocket is ready for a new challenge: playing pool in America. Will he snooker himself?

What’s the gist?: O’Sullivan will be travelling to New York, Chicago, Memphis and other legendary locales to play pool, meet hustlers, and have reckless fun.

Most fun aspect of the whole show: The fact that nobody in the States has any idea who he is.

Sample quote (by random American): “Johnny O’Sullivan? Who’s he?”

Sample quote (by Ronnie): “Mark Twain? Who’s he?”

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British History’s Biggest Fibs

Thursday 26th January at 9pm on BBC Four (CH 107)


Why you should watch: Because everything you know about history is wrong. More or less.

Who’s our host?: Lucy Worsley, who is to BBC Four what James Corden is to TV adverts. Ubiquitous.

What myths are shattered?: The lies and propaganda behind the Wars of the Roses, and the untouchable nature of Shakespeare’s plays.

What to say: “A revealing look at how history isn’t the tidy narrative we like to imagine.”

What not to say: “So it was OK that I slept through high school history lessons, then?”

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Friday 27th January on Netflix


Why you should watch: This is a bold, unexpected reinvention of an American icon.

What icon?: Archie, from Archie Comics, a teen character who’s been around for 75 years.

Why this is a big deal: Archie has always symbolised an innocent, bygone American fantasy-world. But this version is an angsty teen drama.

In other words: It’s a bit like comparing today’s moody Batman to the Adam West version.

Neat casting alert: Archie’s mom is played by 80s teen icon, Molly Ringwald.

Riverdale will be available to watch from Friday 27th January on Netflix


Francis Bacon: A Brush With Violence

Saturday 28th January at 9pm on BBC Two (CH 102)


Why you should watch: This suitably honest, daring, warts-and-all film looks at one of the most notorious British artists of the past century.

Who was Francis Bacon?: A drinker, a gambler, a hedonistic gay man when being gay was illegal. Also, a genius who transformed painting forever.

Who was he really?: That’s what this film seeks to find out, delving behind the jovial, devilish party animal persona.

What to expect: Interviews with artists who knew the man, all about to dish the dirt.

Trivia tidbit: Bacon’s dramatic life was turned into a film starring Derek Jacobi as the painter, and a young Daniel Craig as his doomed lover.

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Sunday 29th January at 9pm on Dave (CH 127)


Why you should watch: All rise! Season six of the funny, energetic legal drama swoops back into action.

Where are we at?: Jessica’s left the firm, and super-slick legal eagle Harvey has to work out what to do next.

Why everyone’s talking about Suits: Because it’s a fast-moving, stupidly entertaining romp through the world of suave lawyers and crooked clients?

There’s another reason, isn’t there?: Oh yes. One of the stars is Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

Best watched with: A stiff drink poured in a cut-crystal tumbler. It’s what Harvey would expect.

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Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week

Sunday 29th January at 9pm on BBC Two (102)


Why you should watch: A bunch of fitness fanatics put themselves through a punishing endurance test while we watch and laugh.

Why?: Because they’re crazy masochists, or have watched one too many Bear Grylls programmes. Either way, it’ll be fun to see.

What to expect: Sleep deprivation, epic exercises, lots of wading around in freezing water, and lost of being shouted at.

In other words: It’s a Full Metal Jacket meets the obstacle course from The Krypton Factor.

Why it’s perfect January viewing: It’ll shame you into getting back into your New Year’s fitness regimen.

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