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Cruise vs Cruise: Who would win?


Imagine what would happen if Tom Cruise's movie characters all got into a fight. Who would win? Cruise is well known for his onscreen running skills (if all the Cruises were having a race, Mitch McDeere from The Firm would definitely win), but he often relies on weapons and gimmicks when it comes to actual fighting. With his latest punch-fest Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hitting Sky Cinema from Friday 2nd June, we've pitted a handful of Cruises against each other and rated their chances. Yes, it’s Cruise vs Cruise: The Ultimate Death Match!


Jack Reacher (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, 2016)

Cruise character: Jack Reacher, enigmatic ex-Army investigator

Weapon of choice: Fist.

Fighting prowess: 10/10. He's pretty handy with his hands, is Jack Reacher. In fact, he has a rather unique onscreen punching style, deploying a modified version of a street fighting technique known as the Keysi method, allowing Reacher to get very close to his or her opponent and block and deflect while striking with elbows, knees, and hammer fists.

Special skills: 8/10. Reacher's secret weapon is the ability to size up his opponent and immediately know how a fight is going to go.

Weaknesses: 2/10. Other than the fact that he's not bulletproof, none. He's a veritable fighting machine, always thinking one step ahead. Mess with him at your peril.

Chances of winning: 9.5/10.

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Nathan Algren (The Last Samurai 2003)


 Cruise character: Nathan Algren, the, errr Last Samurai.

Weapon of choice: Sword.

Fighting prowess: 7/10. Civil War veteran Captain Nathan Algren was trained by samurai warriors, so if there's swordplay involved, Algren's the man to beat. He'd be rubbish at straight-up fisticuffs though.

Special skills: 6/10. Algren can ride a horse and chop you in half with a sword at the same time, which is pretty impressive. He also wears samurai armour, which makes him more bullet-proof than Jack Reacher.

Weaknesses: 8/10. Unfortunately, Algren is also a bit of an alcoholic, which makes him something of a liability where sharp objects are concerned.

Chances of winning: 4/10.


Vincent (Collateral, 2004)


Cruise character: Vincent, the hitman with a long to-do list

Weapon of choice: Gun

Fighting prowess: 9/10. Being a trained assassin, Vincent is skilled in multiple forms of combat, because you never know when you may have to improvise.

Special skills: 6.5/10. Initially, Vincent looks like a crack shot with a gun, knocking off his intended victims left right and centre. However, by the end of the movie, his aim is decidedly off. Maybe he tires easily.

Weaknesses: 7.5/10. It turns out Vincent's weakness is his sentimentality regarding his ailing mother, who he tends to visit halfway through a contract killing mission. So Jerry Maguire could probably take him down with a well-aimed appeal to his soppy side. 

Chances of winning: 8/10

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Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible, 1996 - 2016)


Cruise character: Ethan Hunt, senior field operations agent for the IMF.

Weapon of choice: Household object

Fighting prowess: 9/10. You don't get to be a world class secret agent like Ethan Hunt without knowing a thing or two about punching. 

Special skills: 9/10. Aside from being a master of disguise (handy for sneak attacks), Ethan is exceptionally good at dangling off things, which means you'll never see him coming. Unless you happen to be looking up.

Weaknesses: 5/10. Ethan Hunt is easily distracted by fast-moving vehicles, so Jack Reacher could probably sucker punch him just by shouting “Holy crap! Check out that sweet-ass motorcycle!” immediately beforehand.

Chances of winning: 9/10.

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Jerry Maguire (Jerry Maguire, 1996)

Cruise character: Jerry Maguire, super-slick sports agent with a heart of gold

Weapon of choice: Heart

Fighting prowess: 2/10. Sports agent Jerry Maguire is really more of a talker than a fighter. He has plenty of fighting spirit though, so you know if gets knocked down, he'll get right back up again.

Special skills: 5/10. Aside from being able to talk his way out of almost anything, Jerry possesses a weapons grade smile and potentially devastating levels of cuteness, especially when teamed with pint-sized scene stealer Jonathan Lipnicki.

Weaknesses: 8/10. If sentimentality is Jerry Maguire's biggest weapon, it's also his biggest weakness. Can be reduced to a blubbery mess just by showing him an adorable puppy or telling him he completes you.

Chances of winning: 1.5/10.

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Cole Trickle (Days of Thunder, 1990)

Cruise character: Cole Trickle

Weapon of choice: Car

Fighting prowess: 4.5/10. Race car driver Cole Trickle has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas, so he's quick to rile. Frankly, it's a miracle he doesn't spend the entirety of Days of Thunder getting punched in the face, given the way he's constantly blowing up at everyone.

Special skills: 3/10. Trickle's special skills are basically driving and shouting. Lots of shouting. He's not a lot of fun to be around, to be honest.

Weaknesses: 8.5/10. Cole is extremely susceptible to taunting. Even Jerry Maguire could probably beat him in a fight, just by impugning his prowess on the racetrack and then landing a sucker punch during the ensuing hissy fit.

Chances of winning: 1/10.

Days of Thunder is available now on Sky Cinema


Lestat (Interview with the Vampire, 1994) 


Cruise character: Lestat, a centuries-old blood-sucker

Weapon of choice: Vampirism

Fighting prowess: 8.5/10. You don't get to live for 250 years without learning a thing or two about how to survive in a fight. As well as standard duelling skills, Lestat has a distinct advantage in that he's already dead, so impervious to Ethan Hunt-style choke-holds and the like.

Special skills: 9.5/10. Lestat's primary special skill is biting. Plus that glamouring thing that vampires do.

Weaknesses: 9/10. Garlic, sunlight, holy water, the sign of the cross, a stake through the heart – the list is endless. He is bulletproof though, so at least there's that.

Chances of winning: 7/10.