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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – available now on Virgin Movies


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Hitting Virgin Movies this week, slick action thriller Jack Reacher: Never Go Back sees Tom Cruise returning to the ass-kicking title role.

A former military investigator gone rogue, Jack Reacher successfully brings down a human trafficking ring, only to get himself immediately embroiled in another escapade, only this time it’s bigger than he ever could have imagined.

A former colleague, Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), reaches out to Jack after she is accused of espionage and imprisoned. Convinced Turner is innocent, Jack rescues Turner and the two of them go on the run with assassins hot on their heels.

Jack’s problems get a whole lot more complicated when he is framed for murder and he hears about a 15-year-old daughter he never knew he had.

The stage is set for a nail-biting thrill ride of a movie, with enemies lurking at every turn.

What do we think?

Based on Lee Child’s massive bestselling novels, the Jack Reacher franchise is high-octane action at its best. And who better to front the franchise than Tom Cruise? He’s been setting the standard for action heroes since the 1980s and nobody does it better. The chemistry between Cruise and his co-star Cobie Smulders propels the movie along at break-neck speed.

There’s something pleasingly old-school about this movie – action is what it promises and action is what it delivers, by the bucket load. There’s barely time to draw breath between one stunning action sequence ending and the next beginning. The fight scenes are gutsy, fast and furious.

Jack Reacher is one cool customer, always ready with a quip, an escape plan or a well-placed punch. He’s easily a match for James Bond or Jason Bourne any day.


 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back trivia

-  After eight weeks of intensive martial arts training, Cobie Smulders performed all her own stunts for the film.

-  Jack Reacher novelist, Lee Childs, makes a cameo appearance in the film as security agent who inspects Reacher’s (stolen) ID.

-   Tom Cruise and director Edward Zwick previously collaborated on The Last Samurai, which received four Academy Award nominations.

-  It has recently been announced that Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Maverick, the role that made him a huge star, in a Top Gun sequel.