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The catchiest movie earworms

16/02/2017Movies classifies an ‘earworm’ as “a tune or part of a song that repeats in one’s mind.”  We classify it as “a song that sounds catchy on first listen but then lodges itself in your brain so you can’t think about anything else, do anything else or even form coherent logical thoughts until you’ve mentally listen to it approximately 72,839 times and driven yourself borderline babbling mad.”

Not quite as catchy, but it’s a darn sight more accurate.

With Trolls (and more specifically Justin Timberlake’s Oscar-nominated earworm ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’) coming to Virgin Movies this week, we’re celebrating the catchiest movie songs ever made.

Brace your ears - unavoidable toe-tapping and endless humming is coming.


‘Let It Go’ - Idina Menzel (Frozen, 2013)

It has now been over three years since Frozen was released in cinemas. In that time, ‘Let It Go’ has been listened to 567m times on YouTube (and that’s just the official video), streamed over 171m times on Spotify, and performed countless further times on DVD/in concert/karaoke bars/in playgrounds all around the world.  The YouTube and Spotify streams alone equate to around 461 listens a minute since the movie’s release. It was, to put it lightly, a hit.

There’s a reason it’s achieved world-conquering success (including an Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’); listen to it once, and the combination of empowering lyrics, Idina Menzel’s theatrical warbling, and soaring melody lodge in your brain and NEVER. LETS. GO.

*hits comedy cymbal*

Frozen Fever is available now on Sky Cinema 


‘Iris’ - Goo Goo Dolls (City of Angels, 1998)

They don’t come much more emo-ballad-y than Goo Goo Dolls’ super-impassioned ode to falling in love and all that schmooshy kiss-y kiss-y stuff. That the movie ends in such a hilariously unexpected, depressing way makes the singalong all the weepier. RIP idiotic cyclists who career down mountain roads with their eyes closed and arms outstretched.


‘Happy’ - Pharrell Williams (Despicable Me 2, 2013)

What initially sounded like a twee, irritating cash-in by the former King of R’n’B Cool swiftly became a surprisingly calculated career move.  Sure, it lost out to ‘Let It Go’ at the Oscars, but it hit No.1 in over 25 countries (including the US and the UK), won a Grammy and was Billboard’s number-one single for the whole of 2014.

Throw in the fact that your initial curmudgeonry swiftly evaporates after the third or so listen, and it’s impossible not to feel, well, you know.


Independent Women Pt. 1 - Destiny’s Child (Charlie’s Angels, 2000)


What 2001 R’n’B choon gave us the most naughties-looking video of all time (lovin’ that green screen), the best song-stopping refrain (QUESTION), the catchiest chorus, and the subtlest use of movie title throughout?

Oh, and you get foetus Beyonce getting her sass on, too. Sold.


(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, 1991)



When Bryan Adams’ chest-clutching power ballad was released in 1991, it broke literally all the records. In the UK alone, it spent 16 consecutive weeks at No.1 - the longest unbroken run for a No.1 ever.

Sure, you can credit it to the accompanying movie classic it was attached to, but we all know it’s down to Bryan Adams (and his amazingly floppy hair), who crafted a Karaoke classic that will never, ever die.  All together now… “LOOK INTO MY EYEEEEEES”….


I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith (Armageddon, 1998)

 Arguably the spiritual successor to Adams’ warbling mega-hit, Steven Tyler embraced his inner romantic - and a string section the size of a plummeting asteroid - to belt out this rock-pop ode to Liv Tyler.

You know, the love interest in the movie, but his daughter IRL. Objectively weird.  Still though, that chorus. Oof.

Armageddon is available now on Sky Cinema