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The Walking Dead: 9 comic storylines we need to see


The awesome-yet-devastating first half of The Walking Dead’s seventh season has given us adoring fans no respite. Negan’s still doing terrible traumatic Negan-y things, we’ve had to watch our baddest hero Daryl go through awful imprisonment and torture and several characters have been struggling to cope with heart-breaking loss.

But, hey, it hasn’t been quite all bad either. This season also brought us Ezekiel, his pet tiger Shiva and their mind-blowing medieval-style village. And by the last episode, the crew had at last reunited and decided to fight back.

With The Walking Dead returning on Monday 13th February at 9pm on Fox, we thought we’d take a look at the source material. Here’s what the comics tell us about what to expect in the episodes ahead - and which of their plotlines we’re especially looking forward to seeing on screen. Naturally, expect lots of spoilers.

The Whisperers


Think Negan is the worst? You ain’t seen the Whisperers. Robert Kirkman, the writer of The Walking Dead comics, amps the pressure right up after the crew defeat the villain by introducing an even worse group of baddies. Let’s just say for starters that the Whisperers like walking around wearing the skins of the (dead) undead. Let that just sit with you for a bit.

The All-Out War


But before the Whisperers come on stage, the “All-Out War” between the Sanctuary and the allied communities of Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria needs to take place. We’re expecting cinematic battle scenes in a big way, and we especially can’t wait to see Shiva earning her stripes (sorry) as a warrior.

Rick and Negan’s final showdown


The abovementioned war involves an epic face-off between Rick and Negan, and no  TV scene is more anticipated than this one. After all of the horror and humiliation Negan’s put him through, Rick’s due for a good old revenge moment. We just hope that it’s as satisfying as in the source material, in which Rick outwits his nemesis.

Dwight’s betrayal


With his atrocious torturing of Daryl and all, it’d be fair to say that Dwight isn’t our favourite person right now. Yet we’ve also found out that Negan was the cause of the scars on his face, and that the villain has brought Dwight’s former wife Sherry into his harem. With all this lined up, it looks like the show is heading in the same direction as the comics, in which the character swaps sides and helps the crew defeat his former leader. We can’t wait to see how he interacts with the others – and how Daryl deals with him when that happens.

Rosita and Eugene


The two are starting to have chemistry on the show, and we totally ship this pair. In the comics Rosita and Eugene become an item, and that’d be lovely to see, though perhaps the showrunners could skip out on the tragedy that ensues.

Maggie taking over Hilltop


The comics see Maggie taking over Hilltop from the despicable Gregory as she enjoins them to fight alongside the other communities against Negan. The show seems to be following that direction, with Jesus’ not-so-ambiguous hints that he thinks she is more than up to the job. She sure deserves a fresh start after her recent loss, and we’d be eager to see her character develop in a new direction.

Eugene’s mysterious radio friend


All things radio are a bit of a sore subject when it comes to Eugene, but soon he might actually hit the real deal. In the comics he manages to fix up a radio and communicate with a mysterious woman who becomes his sort of pal. Through her we find out more about the life of other communities out there, and it’d be great to see the The Walking Dead universe expand this way in the TV show too.

The time jump


Believe it or not, but after the Negan storyline, the story in the comics jumps two years. The communities establish a sort of peaceful settlement and trade with each other. We think it’d be amazing to see all that pan out, as well as how our beloved characters, so used to warfare and violence, handle living in relative calm. Naturally we won’t stay with it for long (see The Whisperers above), but it’d be an interesting insight into how settled life could look like post-walker apocalypse.

Negan’s escape


Yeah. We know. In the comics, even after all that time, Negan’s still around. After rotting in a prison for years, he manages to escape, and meets his villainy match in the Whisperers. We won’t say much more, except that on occasion we might almost maybe end up feeling sorry for him. Seeing the villain scramble for survival while devoid of power and his entourage can only be interesting, and so we hope that the showrunners stick with this part of comic book lore too.

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