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What to watch this week


Brave documentaries, the return of a sci-fi thriller, and more pop-tastic singers than you can waggle a Brit Award at. Welcome to the new week in TV.

The Trouble With Dad

Monday 20th February at 9pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)


Why you should watch: This is a rare beast of a documentary: funny, poignant, and presented by a comedy legend.

Who?: It’s David Baddiel, one of the trailblazing alternative comedians of the 1990s.

Why?: It’s a film about his father, who has a rare form of dementia.

Colourful language alert: The condition makes David’s father come out with sudden swear words and sexually inappropriate language.

What to expect: David trying to care for their father, while presumably trying to make light of things in his own deadpan style.

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Ross Kemp: Libya’s Migrant Hell

Tuesday 21st January at 9pm on Sky1 (CH 110)


Why you should watch: Because Ross Kemp is the best documentary presenter on the planet. Fact.

Why Ross Kemp is the best documentary presenter on the planet: It’s his appalled intensity. He looks like he wants to punch things until they’re better.

In other words: He’s what Louis Theroux would become after several Rocky-like training montages.

What this film is about: The epic, awful journeys taken by people desperate to get out of the tattered landscape of Libya.

What to expect: Heartbreaking stories, shattering revelations and Ross Kemp trying not to get sunburnt on the top of his bonce.

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The Brit Awards 2017

Wednesday 22nd February at 7.30pm on ITV (CH 103)


Why you should watch: The world’s foremost warblers are about to pick up their gongs, and no music fan can should miss it.

But it’s just about money and marketing, yadda yadda: Hey, selling ANY number of records in our piracy-happy times is an achievement, so let’s park the cynicism and egg the acts on.

Potential winners: Anne-Marie, Stormzy, Christine and the Queens, and some chap called David Bowie are all in the running for things.

Incongruous nominees alert: Where else would Little Mix and Radiohead be competing in the same category for a prize?

The past-it test: If you recognise literally none of the Best British Breakthrough Act nominees, you’re officially an old person.


The Royal House Of Windsor

Wednesday 22nd February at 9pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)


Why you should watch: This is a deliciously gossipy look back at the history of the modern Royal Family.

How does it define “modern”?: Well, it begins with George V, who changed the family name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor.

Why did he do that?: His loyal subjects had come across a tad anti-German during World War One.

What to expect: Insights from family insiders, fascinating footage and photos from Windsor archives, and more tasty revelations than you can shake a sceptre at.

Watch if: Netflix’s The Crown has wetted your appetite for all things Windsor.

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Person Of Interest

Wednesday 22nd February at 9pm on 5USA (CH 153)


Why you should watch: Jim Caviezel is back for the fifth – yes, fifth! – season of this techno-thriller.

Where we’re at: Heroes Finch and Reese are trying to save the Machine, aka the super-duper device that predict criminal behaviour before it happens.

Why it’s great: Its exploration of the possibilities of AI technology, and the ethics of employing such tech to catch bad guys, makes this different from your average crime show.

Also: Jim Caviezel played Jesus in that Mel Gibson Jesus film. Which is interesting.

Strong pedigree alert: Person of Interest was created by Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher and co-creator of Westworld.

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The Swingers

Thursday 23rd February at 10pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)


Why you should watch: It’s a tale of wife-swapping and murder. With subtitles.

What’s the gist?: This Dutch series follows an ordinary, attractive couple who move into a suburb and get drawn into all kinds of dark, sexy, strange shenanigans.

Watch if: You like a good Euro series, but are getting a bit tired of the usual “Nordic Noir” tropes.

What to say: “A compelling and unexpected new foreign import to get obsessed by.”

What not to say: “This isn’t the sort of swinging Eurotrash told us about.”

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Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Thursday 23rd February at 9pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)


Why you should watch: This piercing, unflinching film juggles some very hot potatoes. (Not literally.)

Why it’s interesting: The person criticising “PC culture” isn’t Jim Davidson or Roy Chubby Brown. It’s Sir Trevor Phillips, famed racial equality crusader.

What’s his main point?: That fear of offending people has stifled real debate and led to the rise of Farage and Trump.

Basically: Is freedom of speech being crushed beneath the weight of perceived virtue? Heavy stuff.

Best watched with: As many friends and family as possible, to have an awkward/lively/enraged debate after.

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Football: A Brief History By Alfie Allen

Thursday 23rd February at 10pm on History (CH 270)


Why you should watch: Game of Thrones alumnus Alfie Allen delves into the story of the beautiful game, right from the start.

Strange point: This is the first documentary on the history of football we can ever remember seeing. Which is a bit odd, for a footie-mad nation.

Why Alfie Allen?: The lad knows his football, having played at Arsenal’s Youth Camp. He even sang vocals for dad Keith Allen’s football song, Vindaloo.

What to expect: VIP access to stadiums and other iconic hotspots from the history of the game.

Who to expect: Former FA chairman Greg Dyke, England legend Sol Campbell, and the women’s England team.

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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

Friday 24th February at 9pm on Sky1 (CH 110)


Why you should watch: We should praise our good fortune, because one of Sky’s biggest ever dramas returns for a new run.

What’s the gist?: James Nesbitt plays a cop whose life was transformed by a bracelet which gives him good luck. It’s basically a superhero drama without the tights.

Where we’re at: Our formerly haggard and reckless hero has turned his life around and is trying to win back his family. Much, much easier said than done.

Season two twist: He meets someone else who has their own lucky bracelet!

Is she a beautiful, mysterious woman?: Of course she is…

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The Brokenwood Mysteries

Friday 24th February at 8pm on Drama (CH 128)


Why you should watch: Because when was the last time you watched a big new crime drama from New Zealand?

Who’s our hero?: Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd, who likes country music. You know, a bit like Morse loving opera. But with country music.

What is Brokenwood?: A small coastal town in New Zealand which is seemingly idyllic, but has loads of dark secrets beneath the surface.

Murders to look forward to: A wine critic being found drowned in a vat of booze, and a stag party with a body count.

Amusingly dodgy CV alert: Star of the show, Neill Rea, was in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and PowerRangers: DinoThunder. But we won’t hold that against him.

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